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    Inspirational Videos from Africa

    Each order from Africa Imports helps to buy meals for over 1,000 orphan children in Africa. This also pays the wages for 30-40 adults who help these children. It makes a real difference. You can see for yourself what your purchases do in some of the videos below.

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    People who started a school for vulnerable children in Zambia

    Volunteers help orphans in Congo - Africa Imports

    Cecilia: A nurse who brings medical care to a difficult part of Africa next to Lake Tanganyika.

    Simon Kunda: Congratulations on wedding of Doctor and Lawyer

    Principal in school in Zambia helps vulnerable children

    Teachers: Golden and Dorothy

    Francis builds school for street children

    How purchases help others

    Children in Congo Africa video call Africa Imports

    Women who make handbags and jewelry

    Thank You from Congo