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    Liquid Dudu Osum Soap/Body Wash

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    Retail Price: $9.58
    Renew your skin today!
    'Dudu Osum' liquid black soap! Lather up in this all-natural creamy soap for baby-soft smooth skin. Enriched with pure honeywhich provides skin with a protective moisture blanket. Also enriched with Shea Butter to make skin supple and healthy, and Osun (camwood) extract to heal scars and stretch marks. Made in Nigeria. 8 oz. M-S506
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    PAMELA | 4/25/2016 10:14 PM
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    Cheryl | 3/2/2016 2:35 AM
    This liquid soap has the sa…
    This liquid soap has the same great fragrance as the bar soap.  I'm a 'body wash' person, so this works for meplus, I wash my locs with it and the fragrance lingers.  I love it.
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    Teresa | 2/19/2016 1:51 PM
    This soap is Amazing... I'm…
    This soap is Amazing... I'm at awe with this company and  the Quality of the products..
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    Brionne | 12/27/2015 8:59 PM
    I have been using this prod…
    I have been using this product since August of 2015, and it is now December and I have noticed a HUGE change in my skin. I have struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation (dark marks) all over my chest, back, face and neck since I was about 12 years old and let me be the first to say that this is the only product out of the billions of others that has truly done something for me. I am a nice, dark skinned 19 year old who has extremely sensitive skin. This liquid black soap leaves my skin super soft, and right after I get out the shower, I put shea butter all over my body. Although I still have the dark marks, they have faded tremendously and I am not as self conscious about my skin as I used to be. This is by the far the BEST skin product I have ever used and I will continue to use it even after my dark marks are completely gone.   I have also struggled with eczema on my back and neck and this product, accompanied by shea butter, is also effective in regards to that issue.  I recommend this to anyone who struggles with acne and is looking for a natural way to smooth their skin and even out skin tone while getting rid of bumps/pimples on the face and body.
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    Lynn | 7/25/2015 3:48 PM
    This soap leaves the skin r…
    This soap leaves the skin really clean and really soft, plus it smells heavenly.
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    Paulette | 2/8/2013 4:47 AM
    Nice tingle to your skin, s…
    Nice tingle to your skin, smooth and creamy consistency but does not lather a lot.  Left my skin feeling fresh and clean.
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    Barbara | 10/5/2012 3:08 PM
    I love this body wash! Its …
    I love this body wash! Its very luxurious and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. A definite staple in my beauty arsenal.
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    April | 7/20/2012 2:25 AM
    I just tried this soap for …
    I just tried this soap for the first time last night and wow it worked great my skin felt so smooth so far so good
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    Charles | 1/31/2012 6:52 AM
    Great for baths.…
    Great for baths.
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    Kat | 12/22/2011 10:24 AM
    I LOVE this stuff...I use t…
    I LOVE this stuff...I use this and a castile soap...I actually like this better...I can wash from head to toe with it with no problems at all!! I love that it's all natural and treated with a drop or two of neem oil and tea tree oil it makes the BEST shampoo...I have been using it for years now. as a licensed cosmetologist  there is a world of products out there that make huge claims and are full of harmful chemicals. they never work the way you want them to either...with that said I can't live with out my liquid black soap. I think it's milder in liquid form than in bar form which makes it much easier to use....though I still love the loaf of black soap that I bought from you guys but a little goes a very long way...I LOVE THIS SOAP!!!!!!
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    howard | 8/13/2011 6:30 AM
    This soap is amazing. Very…
    This soap is amazing.  Very silky and cleans your skin so well.  Very refreshing.
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    Doreen | 4/27/2011 10:11 AM
    Smells good, very creamy. S…
    Smells good, very creamy. Skin feels smooth immediately after using it. I sell it in my store, but bought myself a bottle to use as a face wash. It's excellent!
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    Duane | 4/20/2011 11:28 AM
    You can't go wrong with thi…
    You can't go wrong with this soap after using it your skin feels very clean and refreshed. you can feel the aloe and lemon juice really work on your body because of the tingling feeling after each use. It smells great and best of all its natural.
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    Janet | 8/16/2010 4:56 AM
    I really love this product …
    I really love this product I happens to be a Cosmetologist and deals with the skin, i love it also the Dudu Osun actual Soap what a great products. I also retail these products and much more and my customers  just loves it.
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    Sauda | 10/14/2009 3:02 PM
    Rich, creamy lather that le…
    Rich, creamy lather that leaves the body moisturized, smooth and silky.Also good for the hair.
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