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Fat Quarter Yard Fabric 5 Pack

Each piece of fabric is unique and different. No two are alike. T-2000
Sku: T-2000
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Tuareg Silver Earring - Cross Of Agadez

These distinctive crosses are a true work of art and identified as such by the signature of the craftsman on the back of the piece. Written in Tomasheck or Arabic script. There are many different crosses such as these throughout Africa: one estimate is that there are 22 different patterns of crosses in existence. The different crosses come from different towns; and identify where people come from. They relate back to ancient times before Islam; when tribes were heavily influenced by Christianity. The cross may be the same symbol as in Christianity. It also has been known to symbolize the four corners of the world. Originally, crosses were passed down from father to son. The father would say to the son: "My son, I give you the four corners of the world, because one can not know where one will die". Made in Niger. J-TE010

Click Here To See A Video About Tuareg Jewelry

taureg tuareg tooreg touareg
Sku: J-TE010
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

X-Large Fula Silver Earrings - 1¾"

Sku: J-E321
Wholesale: $17.95 Retail: $35.90

Set Of 6 Tuareg Silver Earrings

6 Shimmering Tuareg Silver Looks
Have six authentic, cultural looks for each day with this set of six Tuareg silver earrings. Each earring is hand-crafted and etched with traditional Tuareg markings. A perfect way to add a touch of Africa to your look each day. Made in Niger. J-TE001 taureg tuareg tooreg touareg
Sku: J-TE001
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90

XXX-Large Fula Silver Earrings - 2¼"

Sku: J-E328
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90

Mud Cloth Wrap Skirt

Grab attention in trend setting 100% authentic mudcloth wrap skirts. Hand crafted by the Bambara of Mali. They use natural dyes made from fruit trees creating sweet yellow, sweet and sour orange, purple and yellow-orange mixed with black mud and fermented for weeks until the right rich and warm earth tones appear. An eye-catcher people will love!

The waist measurement on this varies between 62" and 72", with most of them being 66-70". A wrap skirt should have some overlap though, so someone with a 50" waist would probably need at least 56" for it to fit well. Skirts do not have belt loops. Each one of a kind, all designs vary. Fits a small through a 1X. C-W150

Sku: C-W150
Wholesale: $37.95 Retail: $75.90

Crescent Tuareg Silver Earrings

Hand-made by the Tuareg people of North Africa, known around the globe for their skill in jewelry making, and especially silver design. These real virgin silver earrings are a compliment to any wardrobe. J-TE085 taureg tuareg tooreg touareg
Sku: J-TE085
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Large Fula Silver Twist Earrings - 1½"

A glitzy earring with African appeal
These hand-made Fula twist earrings give you a glimmer of African culture instantly. Each earring takes hours to create by Malian craftspeople; the look is authentic, the style is irresistible. Get yours today! Made in Mali. J-E301
Learn about the Fulani people fulani earrings fulani jewelryfulani earring faulani earings
Sku: J-E301
Wholesale: $15.95 Retail: $31.90

Tuareg Silver Gofed Earrings

Silver earring, tear drop shape with a classic African etching, 2" long, 1" wide. J-TE076
Sku: J-TE076
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Silver Gye Nyame Earrings

2" long. Made in Mali. J-E112
Sku: J-E112
Wholesale: $6.95 Retail: $13.90

Tuareg Silver Gofed Earrings - SM

J-TE017 Tuareg Silver Gofed Earrings - SM Elegant and sophisticated, these Tuareg Gofed Earrings are real virgin silver and a beautiful accessory for any ensemble. They are handmade by the Tuareg people of North Africa, know around the world for their skill and artistry in jewelry making. The earrings are tear-drop shaped with a circular shaped hole in the middle. The are engraved with an African design. The earrings are 1.5” long. J-TE017
Sku: J-TE017
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Fulani Silver Twist Necklace

Fulani Silver Twist Necklace
Capture the elegance and spirit of the Fulani with this hammered silver twist necklace. Crafted in Mali by Fulani artisans, this necklace is often worn as a symbol of wealth or for special events like weddings or important ceremonies. This necklace is lightweight and easy to wear, with an incredible ability to capture the light and shimmer for a look of real silver. 17" long. Made in Mali. J-N652
Sku: J-N652
Wholesale: $14.95 Retail: $29.90