Men's Oils

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Chrome (M) Azzaro Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-C191
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Black Musk - 1 oz.

Sku: O-B801
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Obsession (M) Calvin Klein Type - 1 oz.

Experience the Thrill Ride
Lavish yourself in Obsession type for men. A luxurious manly aroma that will leave you smelling and feeling like a God. A sheer pleasure to wear. Made from lavender, manda rin (calming), clove, nutmeg (seductive), and amber (symbolic of good luck). Enrich your spirit today with this unmatched fragrance. Great for day and evening wear. O-O101
Sku: O-O101
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Opium (W) Yves St Laurent Type - 1 oz.

Unleash Your Wild Side
Release the exotic, luxurious scent of Opium Type. This entrancing aroma is sure to be a winner wherever you wear it! Made with a clever blend of rose, carnation, pepper, lily of the valley, and clove. Also a rich amount of sandalwood is used. Sandalwood has been valued for 4,000 years as a true aphrodisiac. This symbol of purification is known to lift moods and relax your body and mind. Go ahead and reap the benefits of Opium type; the thrilling new aroma that gratifies like no other. O-O111
Sku: O-O111
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

True Religion (M) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-T291
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Versace: Dreamer (M) Type - 1 oz.

Versace: Dreamer (M) Type
Give into your fantasies with this spellbinding fragrance for the modern man. This sharp, oriental, woody fragrance possesses a blend of wild flowers, linen, amber and tobacco. It is recommended for daytime wear. O-V431
Sku: O-V431
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Versace: Pour Homme (M) Type - 1 oz.

Versace: Pour Homme (M) Type
Take your senses to the Mediterannean and to romance with this seductive fragrance for men. Made with a contemporary blend of lemon, neroli, bergamot, and rose. Mid notes are hyacinth, clary sage, cedar, and geranium. Base notes are tonka bean, musk, and amber. O-V441
Sku: O-V441
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Jay-Z: Gold Extreme (M) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-J551
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Lagerfeld (M) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-L131
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Mont Blanc: Legend (M) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-M581
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Eternity (M) Calvin Klein Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-E121
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Black (M) Kenneth Cole Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-B301
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90