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    African Animal Drum Shaker - ASSORTED

    M-M128 African Animal Drum Shaker – ASSORTED These African Animal Drum Shaker- Assorted bring the long tradition of African music into your home. The animal shakers are authentic African instruments that have assorted animal designs, which cannot be specified. The shakers are 12” long by 3” wide. Made in Kenya. M-M128
    Wholesale Price$3.95

    D'Jembe Drum: Small 10-12"

    *Oversized shipping when 3 or more are ordered.
    Wholesale Price$24.50

    Small African Drum: Giraffe

    Enjoy the sounds of Africa while playing the small African Drum with Giraffe motif. Made of wood and designs may vary. Approx. 4.5" high. 4.5" diameter. Assorted designs, but none can be specified. Made in Kenya. M-M033

    Wholesale Price$5.95

    Balafon X-Small: 6 Keys

    Wholesale PriceCall for pricing

    D'Jembe Drum: Medium/Large 19"-21"

    *Oversized shipping applies
    Wholesale Price$69.00

    Goat Skin Drum Head

    These authentic, real, goat skin drum heads are to used to change an old or cracked Djembe head with a new one. Perfect for your Djembe. Approx. 27" X 27". Colors vary. Made in Senegal. M-M001
    Wholesale Price$19.95

    D'Jembe Drum Full Size - Pick Your Own

    Full sized authentic African D'jembe Drum ( 23" tall with top 13" in diameter ). Deep, rich, and loud bass tones: the sound can be heard for miles in quiet African bush country. The music of the D'jembe drum is an African trademark. Professional quality instruments that serve as astounding home decorations as well. These African Djembe drums are popular in reggae and other cultural music productions. In West Africa nearly all ceremonies are accompanied by the timeless and distinctive melody of drums. Oversized shipping charges of $35. for full sized Djembe drums. Current styles are made in Ghana. M-M011
    Wholesale Price$109.00

    Dundun Drums - Set Of 3

    *Oversized shipping applies
    Wholesale Price$425.00

    Balafon Full: 18-21 Keys

    Truly authentic, full-sized African Balafon. Beautifully handmade instrument created using different sized African gourds and wooden plates. Emits a fun, truly African sound commonly heard throughout the African bush. Hard to find, this full sized instrument will be the centerpiece of any room. It's a unique piece for any musician and makes a fabulous gift for any music lover. Approx 21 keys. Approx. 37"-39" long, 15"-18" wide, and 8" high. Sometimes we have Gyils, which are larger Balafon type instruments with fewer keys from Mali. Balafons may need tuning to have accurate tones on all keys. Oversized shipping costs are approximately $40.00 on full-size balafon. Made in West Africa. M-M200
    Wholesale Price$159.00

    Set Of 3 Bougarabou Drums

    *Oversized shipping applies
    Wholesale Price$325.00

    Damaged D'Jembe Drum: Medium


    These drums are slightly damaged. Price is reduced from regular medium drum. Call for a price. Photo is only representative and doesn't show actual damaged drums.

    Medium-sized djembe drum
    Drums are a traditional African musical instrument, and this entire instrument is handmade. The drum surface is animal hide/skin, and the base is made of sturdy carved wood encircled with plain or braided rope. Some have designs etched into the base as well as fabric trim along the top. These drums are popular in reggae and other cultural musical productions. In West Africa, nearly all ceremonies are accompanied by the timeless and distinctive melody of drums. Approx. 16-18" tall, 10" diameter. Made in Senegal. M-M014damaged

    Wholesale Price$30.00

    Damaged D'jembe Drums: Full Size

    Prices vary from $10. to 70. depending on the damage. Full size D'Jembe drums with damage or imperfections - Damage is often a torn or damaged drum head, or may be a damaged shell or other problem. Prices vary depending on drum condition. Quantity discounts on damaged drums also available.
    Wholesale Price$69.00
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