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Musical Instruments

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GanKeKe Bell - Large

Double cow bells. Approx. 11" long. Made in Benin. M-M161
Sku: M-M161
Wholesale: $17.95 Retail: $35.90

Talking Drum - 10"

Talking Drum. A traditional musical instrument found in Africa. Even today, the variable sound made by striking the talking drum can be heard throughout rural areas. The talking drum is normally held underneath the arm and struck with a small curved stick. The strings around the drum pull the hide tighter, so the more you squeeze, the higher the pitch. The drum surface is made of animal hide, while the chords are strung with rope, and the base is of hand-carved wood. 11" tall 5" diameter Traditionally most popular with African hunting to chase animals from the bush. Made in Mali. M-M024
Sku: M-M024
Wholesale: $23.95 Retail: $47.90

Dundun Drums - Set Of 3

Dundun Drums. Three drum set gives you the full range of pitch for a great range of music. Sticks included.

  • Large dundunba drum is 25.5” tall and 15.5” in diameter.
  • Medium sangban drum is 22” tall and 12” in diameter.
  • Small kenkeni drum is 18” tall and 11” in diameter.

Oversized shipping cost of $70. for set of Dundun drums. Made in Senegal. M-M030

Sku: M-M030
Wholesale: $395.00 Retail: $790.00

Cow Skin Drum Head

These authentic, real, cow skin drum heads are to used to change an old or cracked Djembe head with a new one. You can make 3-4 drums heads with one. Mostly hairless, but some may have some patches of fur. Perfect for your Djembe. Approx. 50" X 46". Colors vary. Made in Senegal. M-M001:C
Sku: M-M001C
Wholesale: $39.95 Retail: $79.90

Set Of 3 Bougarabou Drums

Sku: M-M060
Wholesale: $290.00 Retail: $580.00

Balafon Large: 15-16 Keys

Bring the African sound home
Discover beautiful music you could never have experienced before with this large Balafon from West Africa. 15-16 keys play exotic African tones. Approximately 30"-34" long. 8-11 gourds. Balafons may need tuning to have accurate tones on all keys. Oversized shipping costs are approximately $40.00 for a large-sized balafon. M-M205
Sku: M-M205
Wholesale: $89.00 Retail: $178.00

Damaged D'Jembe Drum: Medium

These drums are slightly damaged. Price is reduced from regular medium drum. Call for a price. Photo is only representative and doesn't show actual damaged drums.

Medium-sized djembe drum
Drums are a traditional African musical instrument, and this entire instrument is handmade. The drum surface is animal hide/skin, and the base is made of sturdy carved wood encircled with plain or braided rope. Some have designs etched into the base as well as fabric trim along the top. These drums are popular in reggae and other cultural musical productions. In West Africa, nearly all ceremonies are accompanied by the timeless and distinctive melody of drums. Approx. 16-18" tall, 10" diameter. Made in Senegal. M-M014damaged

Wholesale: $30.00 Retail: $30.00

Damaged D'jembe Drums: Full Size

Prices vary from $10. to 70. depending on the damage. Full size D'Jembe drums with damage or imperfections - Damage is often a torn or damaged drum head, or may be a damaged shell or other problem. Prices vary depending on drum condition. Quantity discounts on damaged drums also available.
Wholesale: $69.00 Retail: $138.00