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Black Seed Bitters Detox Beverage 32 oz.

Black Seed Bitters Detox Beverage
Detoxify and cleanse your body with this healing drink from Ghana. This powerful beverage is made with black seed oil - a healing ingredient that is bursting with amino acids, proteins, calcium, iron, potassium and more. Black seed oil works to detoxify your body, cleaning out your intestines from toxins that may have accumulated for years. These bitters also help to regulate the metabolism, balance insulin levels, regulate cholesterol, improve blood circulation and improve liver health. People who have a toxin-free body can enjoy improved all-over health along with increased energy, memory, and even sex drive!16 oz. H-063

How do I know black seed oil works?
Since 1959, over 200 studies at international universities have published articles in journals that show remarkable health benefits from using black seed oil. You can find many of these online or by asking your family doctor.

How do I take the bitters?
Simply drink 2 oz. of the bitters twice daily in the morning and night after meals.

CAUTION: Keep away from children. Not for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or the menstrual cycle. Keep refrigerated after opening. Do not mix with prescription drugs. Shake well before using.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera, black seed oil, ginger, garlic, black pepper, cinnamon, mahogany bark, moringa leaves, flax seed, honey, clove, fennel seeds, senna, dandelion.

This product is completely natural, organic, and free from chemicals, dyes, or additives.

Sku: H-076
Wholesale: $34.95 Retail: $69.90

Claybrite Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Sku: M-P485
Wholesale: $6.95 Retail: $13.90

African Essential Aloe Vera Deodorant

For external use only. Don't apply to broken skin. Aloe Vera Deodorant is excellent for bad body odors and it is gentle on the skin. Eliminating rashes and darkening of the skin in the underarms. M-P364
Sku: M-P364
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

ClayDry Bold Deodorant - Charcoal Mint

Sku: M-P486
Wholesale: $6.95 Retail: $13.90

Noni Healing Juice 32 oz. (Glass Bottle)

Find All-Over Healing with 100% Pure Noni
Grown in the lush, tropical jungles of Hawaii, Noni juice has been used for centuries for its far-reaching health benefits. 32 oz.
The Benefits of Noni Juice:
  • Immune booster: Noni is considered one of the most nutritious fruits. Many of its nutrients are known to stimulate the immune system.
  • Digestive stimulant: Noni juice has been used to reduce constipation and increase digestive health.
  • Anti-Oxidants: Rich in antioxidants, noni juice also increases enzyme activity to reduce toxins in the body.
  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal: Noni juice has several active compounds that are effective against bacteria and fungus.
  • Repairs Cellular Damage and Aging: Noni juice possesses numerous phytonutrients and antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, which cause cellular damage and aging.

Unopened has shelf life for over a year. Must refrigerate after opening and lasts up to 6 months.

DOSAGE: Take 2 tbsp. twice daily, at least 30 minutes prior to eating. Noni juice has only 10 calories, 4g carbohydrates, 1g dietary fiber, 1g sugar. 70% vitamin C and 2% iron. M-545
Sku: M-545
Wholesale: $23.95 Retail: $47.90

Jay-Z Body Mist - 4 oz.

Sku: M-290
Wholesale: $1.95 Retail: $3.90

Haritaki Herbal Tea - 20 Bags

Sku: M-475
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Karela Herbal Tea - 20 Bags

Sku: M-476
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Triphala Herbal Tea - 20 Bags

Sku: M-477
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90