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New Clothing

New clothing arrives a few times a week. These products are automatically added to this page once we have checked them into stock. Please check back often to see what’s new.

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Kente #2 T-Shirt

Kente #2 T-Shirt Bold and comfortable, this Kente #2 T-Shirt shows a bit of authentic African style mixed with a modern t-shirt. The t-shirt has short sleeves and a v-neck. It features a traditional Kente design in orange, yellow, green and black on the chest and the rest of the t-shirt is black. C-U227
Sku: C-U227
Wholesale: $11.95 Retail: $23.90

Life Comes With A Mother T-Shirt

Sku: C-A442
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

The Only Time To Look Back T-Shirt

Sku: C-A443
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

First Blessing - I Woke Up T-Shirt

Sku: C-A444
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Strong Woman T-Shirt

Sku: C-A445
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Unapologetically Black T-Shirt: BLACK

Unapologetically Black T-Shirt: BLACK Never apologize for being who you are. Take pride in your skin and your culture with this Unapologetically Black T-Shirt. The t-shirt is loose fitting with a crew neck and half-length sleeves. It is back with the black silhouette of an African woman on the front. Her afro, sunglasses and facial features are in white while her skin is black. Underneath the silhouette the words, Unapologetically Black are stamped in whiteC-A446
Sku: C-A446
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

With A Prayer And A Plan T-Shirt

With A Prayer And A Plan T-Shirt Faith is a powerful thing. Celebrate your faith with this With a Prayer and a Plan T-Shirt. The t-shirt is loose fitting with a crew neck and half-length sleeves. It is a lovely shade of lilac purple with the black silhouette of a woman looking up the sky and wearing a church dress and hat. Underneath her, in black script, is the quote, “Never underestimate a woman with a prayer and a plan.”C-A447
Sku: C-A447
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Children's Kente #2 Skirt Set:

Children's Kente #2 Skirt Set Charming and bright, this Children’s Kente #2 Skirt Set is a distinctive addition to any girl’s wardrobe. The top has a scoop neck, half-length bell sleeves, and a sash at the waist that ties in a pretty bow. The A-line skirt has an elastic waist. Both the top and the skirt feature a traditional, geometric Kente pattern in yellow, orange, black, green and red. C-C036
Sku: C-C036
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Blue Checkered Print Dress

Sku: C-WH475
Wholesale: $17.95 Retail: $35.90

African Royalty Print Dress

Fun and exotic African print. All elastic top section gives a fitted look to any body shape or size. Sleveless spaghetti straps. Wash in cold water. Made in India.C-WH474
Sku: C-WH474
Wholesale: $17.95 Retail: $35.90

Blue Royalty Print Mini Skirt

Blue Royalty Print Mini Skirt Bold and stylish, this Blue Royalty Print Mini Skirt is a unique addition to any wardrobe. The mini-skirt is an A-line skirt with an elastic waist and two straps that tie in a pretty bow. It features a pattern of red-orange suns at the corners of stripes of orange against a royal blue background. It comes with a matching head wrap. C-WH473
Sku: C-WH473
Wholesale: $14.95 Retail: $29.90

African Print Jumpsuit

Fun and comfortable jumpsuit. Vibrant African print. Sleeveless all elastic top section. gives a fitted look for any size or body shape. Ultra comfortable. Wash in cold water. Made in India. C-WH472

Sku: C-WH472
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90