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Organic Carob Powder Sweetener - 5 oz.

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Do you love chocolate but you also want to bake healthier treats? This Organic Carob Powder Sweetener is a sweet and healthy alternative to cocoa powder. It is lower in fat and sugar. One cup of carob powder has 51 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of fat. Compare that to one cup of chocolate chips, which has a whopping 92 grams of sugar and 50 grams of fat! Carob powder contains no sodium. Carob contains calcium and, unlike regular cocoa, does not have oxalate compounds that reduce the body’s ability to absorb calcium. It is naturally high in fiber and gluten free. Unlike cocoa powder, it is also caffeine free - no jitters. Bake the better way with carob powder today! M-P695

Ingredients: Organic Carob (Ceratonia silqua) It is a sweet and healthy substitute for cocoa powder. It is lower in fat, caffeine free and a good source of fiber. Made from the ground pods of the Carob tree.


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