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    Organic Coconut Sugar - A new way to health

    Many products are sweetened with refined sugars. Others use artificial sweeteners that we don’t need, and that only serve to give us empty calories. Organic coconut sugar gives you the sweetness of sugar, better nutrition, and helps you end up with fewer calories. M-P408 When one thinks of coconuts, what comes to mind is water or milk. These are not the only things that come from coconuts though. One of the main things inside the coconut that is so beneficial to health is organic coconut sugar. You will not get all of the health benefits from every coconut sugar though. One key thing you need is an organic source. Any of nature’s product that has been tampered with by our meddling human hands usually suffers for it. Organically grown crops are both safer and give us more bang for our buck. The chances are that you have probably heard of coconut sugar before, but if not here are a few points to give you the knowledge you need. SO what health benefits does organic coconut sugar offer? 1. Fortified with a magnitude of electrolytes. Electrolytes are one of the key elements that keep your body working efficiently and in order. Organic coconut sugar contains magnesium, potassium and sodium, all of these micronutrients play vital roles in your nervous system, organs, and bloodstream. By taking in regular doses of organic coconut sugar you can expect to improve your cognitive function and be less likely to suffer from fatigue. 2. Vitamin C. This beloved Vitamin is an essential part of any person’s diet, and if not already then we suggest you start making it a priority. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the immune system and helps collagen form and bond, this is then responsible for the reparation and healing of healthy skin cells. So not only is organic coconut sugar going to help you stay stronger and be less susceptible to catching viruses and colds, it can also help cuts, wounds and scars heal much faster. So use organic coconut sugar to aid your body and become a healthier person every day. 3. Low glycaemic index. Organic coconut sugar scores low on the glycaemic index compared to refined/ white sugar. Organic coconut sugar can have a score as low as 35 whereas white sugar can be as high as 65. A higher number on the glycaemic index is going to spike blood sugar much quicker, so eating foods low on the glycaemic index is essential if one is hoping to achieve optimal health, but you can still satisfy your sweet tooth thanks to coconutty goodness! Not all people are the same. Different people need different amounts of nutrients to create harmony within their body. When you use organic coconut sugar with a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle, you may also have the same natural health as most others. You can find organic coconut sugar and many other choices of health remedies at Africa Imports.
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