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    Product Spotlight: Himalayan Salt

    A lot of people are aware of the many all-over body benefits in taking a bath using Himalayan rock salt; but did you know that you can also eat it, too? Himalayan sea salt is completely unprocessed and free of any additives. The abundant minerals (over 80) and pure taste make this salt more flavorful and healthier than standard, processed salts. Because of its healthful benefits in food and diet, we offer Himalayan Salt in a 4oz shaker jar! We call it, Gourmet Himalayan Salt. The convenient shaker top makes it even easier to add to foods. Try it yourself and suggest it to your customers who are looking for new, healthier items that will improve their lives! Learn more about our Gourmet Himalayan Salt here. See all of our healing salts here. Tell us what you think about Himalayan Salt. We'd love to hear from you!
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