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    Product reviews for Set Of 6 Assorted Dashikis

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    Tichafa | 5/25/2016 12:15 PM
    Read the review for this be…
    Read the review for this before purchasing so didn't have the highest expectations.  I wasn't disappointed by the material nor durability since i new what i was getting into.  However I was disappointment by the fact that the picture obviously shows 6 of these assorted dashiki tops.  I got two sets of the 6 assorted tops thinking they would look similar to what i see in the picture.  I got 2 sets making a total of 12 dashiki tops.  Both sets were identical to each or, i wasn't disappointed by that.  I was disappointed by the fact that the pack of 6 has 3 dashiki's in it, not tops.  I guess it was an assumption that the picture shows dashiki designs but no actual dashiki when in fact that half of the assorted are actually dashiki.  So no I have 6 dashiki's and 6 dashiki, not what i expected.
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    Tana | 3/29/2015 6:41 PM
    Not really what I expected.…
    Not really what I expected. The material feels very cheap and I don't count on these to be durable or great sellers. Not great designs either. ""Womp, Womp.
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