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Men's Brocade Dashiki

Something for Every Man!
Stylish and comfortable 100% cotton dashikis. Hand wash for best results. Free size fits up to a 50-54" chest and 35" length. Plus size fits up to a 60" chest and 35" length. Each dashiki has authentic hand embroidery that may vary slightly on each garment. Embroidery color may be gold or may be the same as the fabric color. Each comes with embroidery, the work of Africa's own tailors. Made in Gambia. C-M024
Sku: C-M024
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

African Print Long Skirt - Prp/Gld Kente

C-WH016 African Print Long Skirt - Prp/Gld Kente This bold and distinctive African Print Long Skirt will help you stand out. It has a bright African design of gold and purple squares.The skirt ties with a bow at the waist and it is 41” long and fits up to a 32” waist. Comes with a 52” matching head scarf. Has two small pockets. Made in India of 100% cotton. Machine wash cold. C-WH016
Sku: C-WH016
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Mud Cloth Drummer Dashiki

Sku: C-U902
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90

Ankh Design Pant Set

Bring the Ankh into your wardrobe with this pant suit. Shirt fits up to 56" chest. 39" length. Drawstring Pants have 29" inseam and 42" length. Fits up to 56" waist. Comes with matching hat. 55% cotton / 45% polyester. Made in India. C-M071
Sku: C-M071
Wholesale: $24.95 Retail: $49.90

Diva Queen Dress & Jacket Set

Diva Queen Dress & Jacket Set
Turn heads wearing this stunning African style dress set. 100% polyester. One size fits most. Dress fits up to 46" bust/chest and is 51" long; Jacket has sewn-in shoulder and fits up to 48" bust/chest and is 51" long. Comes complete with matching velcro head wrap. Dry clean only. Made in Pakistan. C-WF399
Sku: C-WF399
Wholesale: $49.95 Retail: $99.90

Mud Cloth Wrap Skirt

Grab attention in trend setting 100% authentic mudcloth wrap skirts. Hand crafted by the Bambara of Mali. They use natural dyes made from fruit trees creating sweet yellow, sweet and sour orange, purple and yellow-orange mixed with black mud and fermented for weeks until the right rich and warm earth tones appear. An eye-catcher people will love!

The waist measurement on this varies between 62" and 72", with most of them being 66-70". A wrap skirt should have some overlap though, so someone with a 50" waist would probably need at least 56" for it to fit well. Skirts do not have belt loops. Each one of a kind, all designs vary. Fits a small through a 1X. C-W150

Sku: C-W150
Wholesale: $37.95 Retail: $75.90

White Brocade Pleated Skirt Set

Achieve this simple look of elegance and royalty
Pure white brocade hand-crafted in Senegal by Africa’s finest tailors. Three-piece skirt set complete with traditional layered ruffled sleeves, adjustable wrap skirt, and scarf/head wrap. Fits up to a 36" bust. 62" x 45" wrap skirt. Hand wash or dry clean for best results. C-W520

Sku: C-W520
Wholesale: $39.90 Retail: $79.80

Kente Maxi Skirt

C-WH430 Bold and stylish, this Kente Maxi Skirt 2 is feminine and authentically African piecethat will enhance any wrdrobe. The skirt is a lightly pleated A-line with an elastic waist that has two straps that tie in a bow. It comes in your choice of four styles. The first is a colorful Kente patchwork pattern in green and yellow. The second is a bold Kente patchwork pattern in orange, green and black. The third is dramatic Kente print in orange, black and red. The fourth is a striped Kente pattern in black, red, green and gold. Comes with a matching head wrap. The skirt is 41" in length and 34" wide. Made in India 100% cotton. C-WH430

Sku: C-WH430
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Beaded Long Skirt

Inject instant style into any wardrobe with this ethnic print skirt. Beaded accents add a hint of shimmer. One size fits up to 41" elastic with drawstring waist, 37" long. 100% rayon. Hand wash separately in cold water. Made in India. C-WS357
Sku: C-WS357
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Kente #2 Long-Sleeve Dashiki

Long sleeve Kente Fabric Dashiki. A traditional African design filled with significance and symbolism originating in Ghana, West Africa. Comes in sizes Med - 3X. Made in India. Hand wash for best results. C-U226 Measurements: All sizes have a length of approximately 30-32". Medium chest: 36" Large chest: 41" XL chest: 43" XXL chest: 44" 3XL chest: 53"

Sku: C-U226
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

African-Made Hand Woven Kente Vest

Hand woven authentic kente cloth from Ghana.Stand apart with a true African made accessory. 40" chest. 24" length. 100% cotton. Made in Ghana. C-U173
Sku: C-U173
Wholesale: $27.95 Retail: $55.90

Full-Length Mud Cloth Coat

Ravish the crowd!
Live in the lap of luxury with this contemporary mudcloth coat. Completely one-of-a-kind, each coat is fully lined with mudcloth and has a soft swing style. Hand-painted designs are all done by different artists, making each coat completely unique. Fits up to a 45" bust. Coat is 53" in length. One size fits most, 100% mudcloth. Fully lined. Best if hand washed. Coats may come with velcro, buttons, or a zipper front. Made in Africa. C-W240

Sku: C-W240
Wholesale: $149.95 Retail: $299.90