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Set Of 6 Bath Bombs - Abyssinian Chia

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Luxuriating in a soothing, warm bath is one of the finest pleasures in life. With this Set of 6 Bath Bombs- Abyssinian Chia you can do more than simply luxuriate in your bath, you can get better skin while you are doing it. These bath bombs are created using a powerful combination of Abyssianian oil, made famous in ancient times by the Queen of Sheba, and the chia said oil, which as been cultivated for centuries in central America. The result is a bath bomb that will enhance the elasticity, softness, and tone of your skin as you soak. The combination of Abyssinian oil and chia has many important properties for enhancing your skin. They help smooth and moisturize skin for more youthful appearance, even skin tone and pigmentation, gently cleanse and exfoliate and shrink pores. Gentle enough for sensitive skin but good at clearing up oily skin. Pamper yourself and improve your skin today with Abyssinian chia!
Abyssinian Oil was made famous by The Queen of Sheba, the ruler of ancient Ethiopia. Ancient superfoods, Chia Seed Oil and Amaranth Extract have been cultivated since the 16th century while Ginseng, rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Complementing the ingredients, revitalizing properties, our package pattern symbolizes faith and celebrates the rich textile history of Ethiopia where some of the world’s finest cotton is grown. M-P445

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