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    Some customers do not support Barack Obama

    We received these emails on Monday night from a few upset customers: "This is very OFFENSIVE - I DO NOT SUPPORT OBAMA" "NOBAMA!! You just lost a valued customer. Do not contact me again. You are VERY unprofessional by posting this letter. Obama is an idiot and so are you." "Barack is only a little part African. He is mostly Arabic and 50% white." "Wow! I'm appalled... Obama is less Black than I am, and MORE Middle Eastern with anti-American backing and history. What a shocker!! And, to think that I actually do business with you...... shudder! I can tell you now, that if I can find your products elsewhere, even if more expensive, I won't be back... I'm stunned! Our President should FIRST be an AMERICAN... no matter what colour they are!!!!!!!!!! - - and I'll buy AMERICAN thank you." Africa Imports is not a political place. We have no political agenda. We don't really support anyone for president (as a company). We sent an email to all of our customers about a contest to find Barack Obama's photo on our website. A few people wrote to me upset that we were supporting Obama for president. I can understand exactly how they feel. If we sounded like we supported a different candidate; I am sure some other people would have been mad at us too. We support anything that brings positive attention to Africa. Barack Obama's father, Barack Obama, Sr., is from Kenya, East Africa. Barack Obama Sr. with his son, Barack Obama: We planned a sale to celebrate the African ancestry of a US Presidential candidate. This email had nothing to do with supporting anyone's political policies or agenda. I apologize again that we didn't communicate this clearly enough in the original email. If there is something else that you feel we should be doing, please let me know. Thanks again, Wayne Kiltz Africa Imports 240 South Main St. Unit A South Hackensack, NJ 07606 800-500-6120 toll free fax (866) 457-1910
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