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    Summer Event Tips

      Boost Your Business
    African-Market-web-size-720x427 While others are “taking it easy”, the summer months are a perfect time to boost your business with open events such as flea markets, trade shows and festivals. These type of events give you an unique opportunity to expose your business and products, build relationships with new and potential customers, and network with other business owners--all while in an exciting and fun atmosphere. Many Africa Imports wholesalers find that the amount of business they can generate during the summer months can set the tone for the rest of the year! Not sure how to find an event to attend? Click here to use our Festival Finder to locate an event near you 1399327021-african-market-bank-holiday-festival-in-london_4661203 We also offer extensive information on the in's and out's of becoming a successful market vendor. Click here to view tips on selling your products at festivals, shows, and other public events
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