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Mud Cloth Print T-Shirt

Sku: C-A398
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Traditional Print Hoodie

Warm and functional with traditonal African print embelishments. A hoodie for men and women that communicates African culture and magic. 100% cotton. Made in China. C-U176
  • XL fits 46" chest. 37" length.
  • 2X fits 48" chest. 37" length.
  • 3X fits 50" chest. 38" length.
Sku: C-U176
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Camo Hoodie: Green

C-U193 Camo Hoodie: Green Casual and comfortable, this Camo Hoodie in green is modern and fun way to keep warm. The hoodie has a pointed hood, wide, short sleeves, a loose waist and it ends at your thighs. It features a traditional military camouflage pattern in green. Comes with two convenient pockets. The hoodie is 33” in length and fits up to a 64” chest. Made in India of 100% cotton. Wash in cold water. C-U193

Sku: C-U193
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Set Of 3 Assorted Africa Sweatshirts

Made in India. 100% cotton. Wash in cold water. C-U218
  • One shirt fits 46" chest. 27" length.
  • One shirt fits 50" chest. 29" length.
  • One shirt fits 56" chest. 30" length.
Sku: C-U218
Wholesale: $34.95 Retail: $69.90

African Home Pride T-Shirt

Sku: C-A343
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Set Of 6 Top Selling T-Shirts

Get a set of our best selling T-shirts. All in the XL size which usually fits up to a 47" chest. 30" length. 100% cotton. Made in Honduras. C-A403S

Set may change without notice. The photo is up to date as of 1/8/2019

Sku: C-A403S
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90

First Blessing - I Woke Up T-Shirt

Sku: C-A444
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

With A Prayer And A Plan T-Shirt

With A Prayer And A Plan T-Shirt Faith is a powerful thing. Celebrate your faith with this With a Prayer and a Plan T-Shirt. The t-shirt is loose fitting with a crew neck and half-length sleeves. It is a lovely shade of lilac purple with the black silhouette of a woman looking up the sky and wearing a church dress and hat. Underneath her, in black script, is the quote, “Never underestimate a woman with a prayer and a plan.”C-A447
Sku: C-A447
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Maya Angelou T-Shirt

Made in the USA. C-A508
Sku: C-A508
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90

Trad Print Long Hoodie

Colorful and comfortable, this Traditional Print Long Hoodie makes a bold addition to any wardrobe. The hoodie has a hood, a zipper down the front and long sleeves. It features a traditional African pattern on your choice of red, blue or black background. Comes with two convenient pockets. Made in China of 100% cotton. Hand wash in cold water.
Available in the following sizes:
  • LG- fits up to 40" chest. 34" length.
  • XL- fits up to 42" chest. 34" length.
  • 2X- fits up to 44" chest. 35" length.
Sku: C-U204
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90

Love Africa T-Shirt & Headwrap

Headwrap and embroidery patterns will vary. C-WH557

Please note: The red option can come with either a red/gold Kente print or a black/white Mudcloth print. Styles are assorted and none can be specified.

Sku: C-WH557
Wholesale: $13.95 Retail: $27.90

Life Comes With A Mother T-Shirt

Life Comes With A Mother T-Shirt Celebrate the power of mothers with this Life Comes with a Mother T-Shirt. The t-shirt is loose fitting with a crew neck and half-length sleeves. It is a soft pink color with black image of an African mother dressed in traditional African clothing cradling her baby. Under the picture, in black script, is the quote, “Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” C-A442
Sku: C-A442
Wholesale: $7.95 Retail: $15.90