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    Thank you for helping us to support Good Friend

    [caption id="attachment_6697" align="aligncenter" width="225"]One of the girls with Good Friend holding a basket of food for her family One of the girls with Good Friend holding a basket of food for her family[/caption] Good Friend is a program we support in Congo where we send representatives to homes where orphaned children are living with extended family. This program helps them to have the food and medicine and counseling they need. Some of these children have one parent alive and are just living in really harsh conditions because of the lack of money available to the family. Good Friend delivers food weekly to these children and then our representative, Brice, makes house calls to make sure they are receiving the food and are getting healthier. Here is a note we received in our email from our representative with Good Friend: "This picture is just so haunting somehow with her blue container. This girls' mother is the one that is deaf and mute. We keep working with her and her sister to talk while they are with us. Thank you for your monthly generosity that goes out twice at Good Friend!! Barb" We didn't get this girls name from our representative, but if possible please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for helping us to support her. Remember that a percentage of purchase is used towards helping support children like her. To find out more about what we do in Africa, Click Here.
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