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    The Best Fall African Jewelry Ideas for Your Wardrobe in 2021

    When thinking about fall fashion, many people overlook their choice of jewelry and how it can complement your varied outfits. There are some real jewelry enthusiasts at Africa Imports, and we’re here to help you make the right jewelry choices this fall season.


    Jewelry in Africa has long and proud traditions, whether it’s African jewelry for men or for women. We’ve done our research to be able to source you with authentic African jewelry, from charming ankhs and natural cowrie shells to unique Tuareg jewelry. Most of our jewelry is handmade in Africa for authenticity and to support African lives.


    We’ve chosen some of our traditional African jewelry and made this handy guide to help you accessorize this fall.


    Our Favorite African Jewelry for Men


    Djembe Drum Necklace



    Show off your taste in African music with this Djembe drum necklace that is made in Senegal to support African economies. We think it’s great for the fall season when layered over a dashiki.


    The necklace is tightly corded with red, yellow, and green beads that highlight the traditional African djembe drum.


    Gold Ankh Necklace


    Get a touch of Egyptian mysticism with this gold ankh necklace. We’re real fans of African gold jewelry at African Imports. For us, it adds a sleek and elegant style to any look.


    This glimmering ankh necklace is 3" long and features nuanced engravings. It is adjustable to 24" long for flexibility. Wear it with solid colors to make the ankh really stand out.


    Ankh Cuff in Gold

    Impress everyone you meet with the statement style of this ankh cuff in gold. A popular symbol of life, we like the ankh cuff for making a statement in fall when everyone else is toning down bright colors.


    It’s a favorite with our customers – check out our customer reviews on the product page. We receive many repeat orders because they are so happy with the product they receive.


    Our Favorite African Jewelry for Women


    Amber & Bone Earrings

    If you’re a fan of statement-piece earrings, we’ve got the perfect jewelry for you – our amber & bone earrings.


    Made from bone and resin, the earrings are an authentic piece that we think match perfectly with seasonal fall tones. For even more authenticity, the earrings are made exclusively in Kenya. We try to source our products from Africa wherever possible, and you’ll see from this guide alone that we achieve this in many cases.


    Cowrie Shell Bracelet in Black



    Cowrie shell jewelry is one of our favorites at Africa Imports, and this cowrie shell bracelet in black is a great example of that. Something about the shells remind us of blustery fall days on the seashore.


    Cowrie shells are a symbol of African fertility and sensuality. Add some cowrie style to your African outfits this fall season. The elastic band of the bracelet will fit any size wrist.


    Beaded Wood Gye Nyame Ankh Necklace


    Add a powerful Egyptian symbol to your style this fall, with the beaded wood gye nyame ankh necklace. Crafted from dark wooden beads, we like the color of the necklace for its luscious fall tones.


    The ankh symbol is mysterious and available in black, brown, and white. Wear the necklace as a statement piece to impress those around you. The necklace is 34” long and the ankh is 3”.


    Top Jewelry Sets


    Cowrie Shell Jewelry Set


    Embrace the natural beauty of the traditional Africa cowrie shell with this stunning cowrie shell jewelry set. Featuring a necklace and earrings, and available in over 21 different colors of beads, you can match the set with your existing style.


    Choose warmer bead colors, like burgundy and lilac, to match your fall look. Our own personal favorite color for the beads is the turquoise.


    Cowrie Shell Choker Set

    There’s nothing more symbolic of African jewelry than the cowrie shell in our opinion. The cowrie shell has even been used as money in the past. this cowrie shell choker set is a stylish option for seasonal fall fashion.


    The choker is crafted from polished white cowrie shells for extra luster. The shells are on a black string. The set features a matching bracelet and earrings for the ultimate cowrie look.


    Set of 3 Magnetic Copper Bracelets

    Take inspiration from ancient fashion trends with this set of 3 magnetic copper bracelets. We love these bracelets for their unique engraved designs and lustrous copper shine. They can even be used for magnetic therapy, which has been known to relieve pain.


    Each of the 3 bracelets is adjustable to fit any size of wrist. The assortment of the designs will vary, so it’s always a surprise when you open the package.


    Tuareg Jewelry Ideas


    Woven Tuareg Bracelet: Set of 12

    Add a touch of vibrant color to your African jewelry this fall with this set of 12 woven Tuareg bracelets. We like wearing all 12 bracelets at once to create a colorful and eye-catching spectacle on your arms.


    The bracelets are woven by hand and crafted from strong plastic to be flexible and resistant to damage. Made exclusively in Mali for extra African authenticity.


    Tuareg Silver Earrings – Red Jewel

    We’ve saved the best until last – these gorgeous silver earrings with the red jewel are handmade in Niger by the Tuareg group of people. The Tuareg are known for their skill with crafting jewelry, and silver jewelry is their specialty.


    We think the red jewel is the perfect color for fall fashion. Wear the earrings casually or for formal occasions and impress your friends and family.


    Contact Us

    We hope we’ve provided some inspiration for your jewelry this fall season. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We might be able to provide you with some more knowledge about the jewelry we’ve highlighted here, or we might be able to offer you more advice on how to wear it.


    If you’re interested in our fall fashion tips in general, check out this handy article here.


    Whatever you need, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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