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    Trip to Congo

    Thanks for Helping!

    [caption id="attachment_6111" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Brice and orphans Click to view larger image.[/caption] We flew to the Congo over the weekend to visit many of the orphanages that Africa Imports supports. These are the orphan kids in one of the 10 different orphanages. This photo was taken of us (Wayne and Randy Kiltz) with some of the kids on October 6, 2012. Despite their unfortunate family situations, this group of kids are very happy and full of life, making what we do as an organization that much more important. The African man with us is Brice. He cares for and helps these kids a lot by being kind of a father figure for them. A part of every purchase you make is sent to these children and hundreds of others like them. - Wayne Kiltz
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