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Victoria's Secret: Love Spell Noir (W) Type - 1 oz.

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………Sweet…..beautiful…..blossoming...Love Spell Noir is the grown-up big sister of Love Spell. Like the original. Love Spell, Love Spell Noir has sweet, peach-tinged top notes, but it’s a more sophisticated scent, with base notes of amber and sandalwood. Love Spell Noir is a true woman’s perfume that still remembers the girl you used to be. It’s light enough to wear to work, and perfect for casual dates. O-V971
  • Sweet, lightly fruity, with mature notes of amber and musk.
  • Who is it for? Younger women who have left girlhood behind.
  • When do I wear it?  Daytime  or casual evenings.
  • What are the notes? Fruity top notes made complex by amber and sandalwood.
  • IFRA Compliance 

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