Videos of Africa

African Videos

Discover the real Africa with your own eyes with these videos. You can explore African dancing, 
singing, and even find ways to grow your business! It all starts here.




- Experience Africa in real life

- How to grow an African business

- Videos with Peace Corps Baba

- The meaning and magic behind African fabric

- How to play a D'Jembe drum

- Clothing runway videos

- All about Fragrance and Essential Oils

- Dead sea salts

- How to put on a wrap skirt

- Magnetic Jewelry Demonstration

- Start Up Kit Video

- Mpila Orphanage Video
- Shea Butter Videos


Experience Africa in real life          Back to top

African School African Baptism African Children Singing  
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African Grind African Children Waving

African Women 

with a Pot

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African Dancing African Choir    
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How to grow an African business          Back to top  
Business Video Preview Using Your Skill & Talent Referrals  
Free Samples Display Tips What Customers Want  

Product (Foot Care)

More Product/Display Tips    

Videos with Peace Corps Baba          Back to top  
Peace Corps Introduction Tuareg Jewelry Fulani Jewelry  
Cowrie Items Tuareg Silver Mudcloth  

Ebony Carvings 

and Statues

Helping African People African Masks  
Peace Corps Closing      

The meaning and magic behind African fabric          Back to top  
Brocade Fabric George Fabric Korhogo Fabric  
Kuba Cloth Fabric Kente Fabric Mudcloth Fabric  

How to play a D'jembe drum          Back to top  
Lesson 1 Making a Drum in Africa    

Clothing runway video          Back to top  
Fashion Show      

All About Fragrance and Essential Oils          Back to top  
Intro To Oils How To Use Oils

Watch the whole video:

All About Fragrance andEssential Oils


Dead Sea Salts          Back to top  
How To Make Dead Sea Salts      

How to...          Back to top  
How To Tie A Sarong How To Put On A Wrap Skirt How To Put On A Head Wrap  

Magnetic Jewelry Demonstration          Back to top  
Magnetic Jewelry      

Start Up Kit Video          Back to top  
Start Up Kit      

Mpila Orphanage          Back to top  
Orphanage Videos      
To see more videos of these orphanages click here.    

Shea Butter Videos          Back to top  
Shea Butter Videos