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    Silence Is Violence T-Shirt


    C-A281 Silence Is Violence T-Shirt Deliver a powerful message with this Silence is Violence T-Shirt.

    Silence is Violence has become a powerful movement to encourage people to speak on behalf of victims of racism and violence. It says that we need to bring the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, racism, police brutality and violence against LGBT individuals out into the light. We need to talk about them and confront the attitudes that have allowed them to flourish. This black t-shirt has the words, “Silence is Violence,” emblazoned on it white block letters. Show your solidarity today with this Silence is Violence T-Shirt. Made in Honduras of 100% cotton. C-A281

    Available in the following sizes:

    • MD - Fits 40" chest. 28" length.
    • XL - Fits 47" chest. 30" length.
    • 2X - Fits 50" chest. 30" length.
    Wholesale Price$5.95

    Kente Jumpsuit

    Having fun your way. Kente design from Ghana communicates African culture like nothing else can. Perfect for casual and formal situations both. Fits 44" bust and 50" hips. 57" length. Comes with head scarf. Has two pockets.100% cotton. Made in India. Machine wash in cold water. C-WH078
    Wholesale Price$14.95

    Kenyan Pendant Choker - ASSORTED

    J-N680 Kenyan Pendant Choker – ASSORTED Add a bit of genuine Kenyan craftsmanship to your wardrobe with this Kenya Pendant Choker. Crafted from bright and colorful beads, the choker has a tear-drop shaped pendant made from layers of multi-colored beads hanging from it. The choker is adjustable and fits most necks. The beaded pendant is 2” long. Made in Kenya. J-N680

    *Colors will vary, none can be specified.

    Wholesale Price$2.95

    Set Of 3 Beaded Maasai Earrings

    Add some genuine African craftmanship to your wardrobe with this set of 3 Beaded Maasai Earrings. There are 3 sets of earrings that are crafted from colorful beads in the Kenyan Maasai tradition. Set of 3 Maasai beaded earrings. 2" long. Made in Kenya. J-SET315
    Wholesale Price$6.95

    Set Of 6 Maasai Shuka Cloth Earrings

    Wholesale Price$5.95

    Kente Travel Bag: #3

    A great travel bag that can fit into a small pouch when not in use. Very convenient. Fits in a purse or pocket. Just pull it out and unfold it whenever you need it. 15" x 16". 100% polyester. Made in Zambia. C-A649

    Pattern in the fabric may vary from the photo.

    Wholesale Price$3.95

    Flare Dress: Black/White

    C-WH035 Flare Dress: Black/White This sophisticated and stylish Flare Dress in Black and White is an upscale addition to any wardrobe. It has a scoop neck and beautifully flared skirt with an elegant black and white African design. It has an elastic bust that fits up to 48” and it is 53” in length. Comes with a matching head scarf that is 40” X 7”. Made of 100% cotton in India. Wash separately in cold water. C-WH035
    Wholesale Price$29.95

    Picture Frame

    Wholesale Price$0.99

    Rose-Gold Rhinestone Sandal

    S-W815 - Rose-Gold Rhinestone Sandal When the warm weather comes and you want to show off your pedicure these Rose-Gold Rhinestone Sandals are the perfect choice. The rose-gold sandals have a between-the-toe thong and a scrolling strap that is covered in rhinestones and goes up you instep and around the ankle. You select your size. Made in China. S-W815
    Wholesale Price$2.95

    Kenyan Long Skirt: Green

    Regal and flowing this African print long skirt is majestic expression of African style. A dazzling array of colors and a bold pattern will help you stand out. Tied with a bow at the waist, it is 40" long and fits up to 33" waist. Has two very small pockets which hold very little. 100% cotton. Made in Kenya. Machine wash in cold water. C-WS988
    Wholesale Price$14.95

    Beaded Scarf

    A scarf like no other. Intricate hand beaded embelishments to a soft and comfortable scarf gives you the best of all worlds. 58" long decorated with beads. 100% cotton. Made in Kenya. C-A636
    Wholesale Price$4.95

    Blue/White Flower Pattern Fabric

    100% cotton. Each bolt is 45" wide. Sold only in 6 yard pieces. Made in India. T-4235
    Wholesale Price$11.95
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