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Frequently Asked Questions

Africa Imports is not a tech support company, so we cannot offer advanced help with your web site, but we do want you to be able to succeed with your site easily. Here are some frequently asked questions that we have answered to make creating your own web site easy and effective.

Questions about your website

Email us for more information

What Information Do You Need From Me To Begin?

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Questions and information will be mailed to you after your purchase of a website. As soon as you reply with all the information we need for your website, it will take about 24 to 48 hours to complete your site. Once completed, you will receive an e-mail with your login information. The more information you give us, the more personalized your website will be; and remember, we will not make any changes once the initial set up is complete so it is important to send us all the information you want on your website right away.

Have these questions emailed to you and put the word 'question' in the subject line or you can view what information is needed now.

How do I get the information to access my website?

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Once your website is set up we will e-mail you all the information you need to access your website and shopping cart. We will give you the links, username, and password that is needed.

How do I edit my website?

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Once you have changed your website once, it is easy to do again. There are two ways to make changes: The first option is to use your cpanel; the second option has you have purchasing a program if you don't already have it.

Option 1:

Step 1: Go to your cpanel ( and enter your username and password.

Step 2: Click on the icon “file manager” and another window will pop up (so make sure if you have pop ups blocked on your internet you allow access by your own web site)

Step 3: Now you should see a list of folders. Click on the folder named “public_html” (make sure you are clicking on the folder icon, not the name of the folder)

Step 4: Now you will see folders and page names. There are 5 pages on your website when we set it up. Index is the homepage; afclothing is your African clothing page; pc is your health and beauty page; art is your African art page; and contact us is your company information page.

Choose which page you want to work on by clicking on the name of the page not the icon.

Step 5: Once you click on the page you want, you will notice a list of options in the upper-right hand section of the screen. You will want to click on “html editor”.

Another screen will open up and you will see your webpage basically as you see on the website but you can see outlines of the tables made and more. From here you can actually type directly on the page where you want. More advanced changes may require you learning how to use the options, but this is an easy way of making basic changes to your website. Once you have finished making changes and it looks the way you want, click 'save'.

Step 6: Always check the changes online. If you do not see the changes right away, wait a minute and refresh your screen.

Option 2:

We also suggest using a program called Dreamweaver. This will allow you to open your website and see everything as you see it on the web, and also in html code. Once you get Dreamweaver you can insert the pictures and text right into you website pages.

You can find the five pages of your website when you login at the ftp site (to login, go to and in the tool bar click 'file' then 'login as'; then enter your username and password) Click on the public_html folder. There you will see 'index' (which is the homepage), 'coinfo' (which is your information page), 'af clothing.html', 'pc.html', and 'art.html' (which are your category pages). Copy these files to your computer then open those pages in Dreamweaver to update them. You can see how the other pictures are linked to help you learn. The link would be ie. images/nameofphoto.jpg

If you add any pictures to those files you must put a copy of the picture into the file 'images' which you can find at the ftp site, in the section 'public_html/images'. Once you link the images correctly you will not see the images in Dreamweaver, there will be an empty box. You will only see the images show up once you've update the pages by dragging them into the ftp site and have overwritten the old files and copied the images into the image folder.


Make sure you keep a back up of your files in case any error might occur.

How do I use my shopping cart?

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Your shopping cart is a very simple way to update your products. Using your shopping cart can be an effective way to make the changes you need without actually working on your website pages.

Step 1:

Go to and find the product you want on your shopping cart. When you find a product right click on the enlarged image and save it to your computer. Take note of the weight, price, and description.

Step 2:

Sign in to your shopping cart. (Go to and enter your username and password.

Step 3:

Click on \my store', then to the left of the screen you will see a list of categories to work on your website. Click on 'catalog' and a drop- down menu will appear. Then click on 'categories/products'.

Step 4:

To create a new category click on category and type the name of what you would like the category to be in the first box. If there is a category that already exists on your web page and you want to add a product to that category (say..'African clothing'), then highlight the category, click on the arrow under action on the highlighted line. Click 'new product' when you see the list of products under that specific category.

Step 5:

Put in the date, name of product, price (no dollar sign needed), description, weight, and picture that you saved on your computer by using the 'browse' button (all this information you can get from our website at Click preview. Click insert if it looks correct. And you are done!

If you want to make any other changes to your shopping cart you will have to use the tutorials to help you.

How do I have a secure connection on my shopping cart?

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You can use this link: to secure your shopping cart. Just change the word 'name' in the link with the username of your cpanel.

If you need your own personal ssl certificate i.e. you will need to get a separate hosting with another provider such as The hosting plans that we sell are not capable of having a private SSL certificate.

How do I get a merchant account?

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Everything you need to know about merchant accounts.

How do I pay for my website?

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You can make your monthly payments in whatever way is easiest for you. We can charge your card automatically one time per month; you can e-mail us with a payment; you can make one larger payment to cover three months or one year at a time; or you can mail in your payment. You can let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Right now you can pay for the whole year in one payment of $59.50 and save $11.90. Otherwise the cost is $5.95 per month, after the initial purchase and setup price of $29.95.

How do I change my domain name?

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If you do not want to have yourafricanmarket included in the name of your site you must purchase a domain name. You can go to or some other domain name registrar and purchase a domain name. After you purchase one you need to set the dns servers to the domain and and then let us know once this is done by emailing us at [email protected]. We will then change your website over to the new domain name.

How Do I Cancel My Website?

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If you are unhappy with the website you purchased you can email us at [email protected] to cancel your website.

Can I use the photos on for my website?

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Yes-- View our large selection of photos now!

How Do I Put Pictures On My Website?

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Log in to your cpanel and click on the icon ‘file manager’. Once the pop up window opens select ‘web root’ and then click ‘go’. Next select the page you want to put the image on your website (example: contact.html) under the column name. After the page is selected click on the icon ‘html editor’ at the top of the page. A pop up box will open and you will click ‘edit’.

Once the page opens, you will want to click on the area you want the image to show up. Once the cursor is placed in the right area of the page, at the top of the page there will be a landscape image icon (if you hold your cursor over the icon it will say insert/edit image) click on this icon and wait for the pop up box. In this box it will allow you to browse on your computer to where the image is stored. Select the image and click ‘insert’. Then you should see the image appear on the webpage. If you're happy with how it looks, just click ‘save’ (save is the icon that looks like a floppy disk). 

Make sure you open your website in a browser to make sure this look correct to you. If it does not go back to the html editor to make changes.

If you would like the image to link to another page, you can add a hyperlink to the image. Right click on the image and click insert/edit hyperlink. In the URL box you will type your domain name and then the page after (example: contact.html being the page you want to link to. You can find out the name of the page you want by going to the page in your browser and copying the link from the address bar. Once finished click ‘save’.

View pictures that you can use on our website.

Do orders come to me or are they drop-shipped?

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The orders will come to you. You will interact with your customers, collect any payments and ship any merchandise to them. If you want something drop-shipped from us to one of your customers, there is an additional $5.00 drop-shipping charge.

Find out more about drop-shipping.

How long will it take to have my site up and running after I purchase it?

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Your website will be online right away. As soon as you give us the answers to the questions that we need to complete your website, your site can be completed and online in about two business days.

How will anyone find my website?

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If you want someone to be able to search on google or another search engine you must sign up with google to have search words to find your website. Otherwise the only way for someone to find your website is by word of mouth. To submit your site to google, go to this link:

How do I get rid of any error message on my shopping cart?

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This could happen for two reasons and both are easy to fix. 

One – You might have installed buySAFE. This cannot be done. You must uninstall this in your shopping cart to get rid of the error message. If you want to secure your shopping cart you will need your own personal ssl (i.e. It will cost $100 per year for the certificate, which we can have setup in a few days. Just email us at [email protected]

Two - The second cause could be that you activated the Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development) in your shopping cart to True. Set this to false.

If your error message is still appearing we can take a look and see what we can do. We might have to reset your shopping cart which means you will have to start all over again with any setups that you have done.

How do I get my pictures to not look distorted?

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If your pictures look distorted as a thumbnail, but look normal when you open the image up in a pop up, this means you will need to resize the pictures and re-upload them to your shopping cart. You can do this by using programs like paint (which is on just about any PC computer) or Adobe Photoshop (which is for more advanced users). You can find other photo editing by doing a search on google id you'd like.

Open the picture in your photo editing program and resize it to be an even square. Probably about 500 X 500 pixels or 7” X 7” is a good size. Save as a .jpg file and re-upload the file to your shopping cart.

Can I carry products that are not from Africa Imports?

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Of course. This is your personal website so you can put whatever product sell best for you. If you do want to use our products, you can use any pictures, descriptions, and price suggestions from our website.

How do I set up an email account?

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First you have to sign into your cpanel ( using the username and password you were given. Once you login you will see red text at the top of the page tells you about updating you email(Please update your contact information here.). The last word ‘here’ is a link to update your email address. Then click home at the top right of the screen and click on the icon that says mail.

Next click on add/remove/manage accounts. And then click on 'add account'. From here you will set up your new email account with a password. Once created, you can access your mail by going back to where you created your account and you will see it listed. Click on webmail in the blue writing. And choose the webmail program you want to use.

How do I create colors and sizes for products in my shopping cart?

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When you login to your shopping cart, click on 'products attributes' under the category catalog.  Here you will see option names and the values that we have already set up for the existing product we added to your shopping cart.

If your option name or value already exists (such as color or scent):

Check to see if the option value already has been created (you will have to look through all ID option values. For example, if you want to add the color purple to an item you can see that ID 9 is already the option value purple, so you do not have to add it again. But if you want to add a new value that does not already exist enter it by choosing the option name from the drop down box (located below the option values) and enter the value in the en: (English) box, leaving the other two boxes ('de' and 'es') blank. Click 'insert'.

Once your value exists, you can then select your item, option name, and value from the drop down box under the subhead 'product attributes' (at the bottom of the page). The value price had already been set for the actual product, so unless the price is different then what you entered when you set the item up originally, do not enter a price because this will double the price when ordered on your cart. Then click 'insert'. 

If you are trying to add another option name:

If you don’t see the option you’d like to select for your product, you will have to create the option.

Under product options enter the option you would like to add in the en: (English) box, leaving the other two boxes ('de' and 'es') blank. Click 'insert'.

Then under 'option value' select the option name you just created in the drop down box and enter the value into the en: (English) box, leaving the other two boxes ('de' and 'es') blank. You'll need to repeat this step for every value you need to create.

Once your option exists, you can then select your item, option name, and value from the drop down box under the subhead product attributes (at the bottom of the page). Then click 'insert'. 

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