Shopping Cart Website Questions

You can email us the questions below at [email protected].

Thanks for letting us create and host your website for you. Here are the questions you need to answer to have your website created:

1.We will create an "about us" page, and fill in the other basic information that is needed for your website. To do this, we need your answers to the following questions. Could you please email this information back to us so that we can complete your website?

What name would you like for the website address?
The format of the name is

2.What would you like instead of the word "your-title"? If you want your own domain name without ‘yourafricanmarket’ you must purchase one. To find out where and what needs to be done go to

Important: Once your website is created and you decide you want to change your domain name, there will be a $30. Fee.

3.Your physical address (if you want this displayed on the website). Please type this exactly as you want it to appear on your website.

4. Your phone number and email address (if they want this displayed on the website). Also we will need to know the email address for your paypal account to set up your payment options. Please type this exactly as you want it to appear on your website.

5.Write a short description of your company for an "about us" page.
A page like this would typically say what hours you are open or available; how you can be reached; your name or names; and any company history or other information that would help customers to want to do business with you. List this here if want other information for your website.

6. Pictures (Optional: up to two)
Any photos that you email should be in jpg format. These pictures can be of products, a store front, you, etc. for the about us page. It is easiest for you to email these to us at [email protected]




Other information for your website

We will set you up with the top 12 best-selling products, 4 in each category on your shopping cart that we provide. This will help you get started and learn how to put up more products. These products you can also be deleted if you don't want them. If the categories we provide (African clothing, Health & beauty, and artwork) you do not want displayed we can take the link out on your website and add other best-selling products to the other categories in your shopping cart.

Once we finish with the initial setup we will email you your information need to access your website and shopping cart. Any other changes to your website or shopping cart will need to be added by you or by someone else who you can hire to work with you to build your website more. 

If you want to use your own domain name, you will need to change your DNS servers. You can do this by going to the place where your domain is currently hosted - possibly where the domain name was purchased. You will need to set the dns servers to the following two DNS servers

To have an effective website, you will want to add some additional features. We will do some of this for you, and there are a lot of other features and improvements that you can add yourself.

If you have any questions, or if there is anything else that we can be doing for you, please email us at [email protected]

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