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    When African clothing is out of stock

    Right now Africa Imports has more African clothing in stock than we have ever had before. I'm sure that it's the biggest selection in the world of African and Afro-Centric clothing. Because February is such a big month for African clothing though, we will start to run out of some fashions in different sizes and colors soon. African clothing is the most difficult product for Africa Imports to keep constantly in stock. This is not a problem that we can solve. Other products such as oils, soaps, drums, art, etc. stay in stock almost all the time. African clothing can not. There are several reasons that African clothing goes out of stock so easily. These are shown below. You to know this so that you can explain things to your customers, and hopefully keep them from getting upset when something that they want is not available for them. The seasons change twice each year; so there are new styles for each season. Most of the clothing that we offer comes from fairly remote parts of the world, which means that re-stocking can take a very long time. We have long term relationships with a number of African tailors and vendors that makes this situation get easier to work with all the time. Our lead times for re-orders have become much shorter;but it can still take a long time with some items. There are often many different colors and sizes for a given piece of clothing. Even though something may be in stock, some size and color combinations may sell out more quickly than others. The styles that we offer are more bold or outspoken than most. Customers who normally order these fashions want something new and different all the time. This means that we need to replace most older styles (even styles that are not very old) with newer ones constantly. This gives you a lot of new clothing fashions to choose from regularly; but it also makes it harder to re-order some of these clothes. There are some non-clothing products that we carry which are also very hard to keep in stock; but the clothing is where most out of stock issues come from. We will probably never be able to adjust inventory for all of these situations 100%; but things get better each year. Africa Imports has the largest selection of African clothing in the US. There are new fashions arriving all the time.
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