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Women's Oils

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Ed Hardy: Love Is... (W) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-E561
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Fantasy (W) Type Britney Spears - 1 oz.

Capture your passion
Fantasy type is inspired by love's ability to find you when you least expect it. Made with a captivating blend of ripe fruits, sweet cupcake accord, delicate flowers, creamy musk, orris root, and sensual woods.
Sku: O-F161
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Gucci: Guilty Intense (W) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-G381
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Knowing (W) Estee Lauder Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-K101
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Mambo (M) Liz Claiborne Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-M131
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Nicki Minaj: Onika (W) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-N251
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Gucci: Guilty Black (W) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-G351
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Rush (W) Gucci Type - 1 oz.

Launched in 1999, Rush by Gucci is bold and exciting scent that designer Tom Ford said isn't for the shy or meek. It is a scintillating blend of floral notes like California Gardenia, South African Freesia, and Damascena Rose with scrumptious vanilla, and bourbon vetiver. It is a fragrance for the woman who knows her own mind and wants to thrill the senses. Rush is a smoldering, intoxicating scent that will light up the night.

Sku: O-R241
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Forbidden Fruit (W) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-F181
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Casmir (W) Chopard Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-C121
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Issey Miyake: Summer (W) Type - 1 oz.

Sku: O-I161
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Paul Sebastian (M) Type - 1 oz.

Adorn yourself in allure
Attain attraction with Paul Sebastian type for women. This sharp fruity fragrance combines a bouquet of jasmine, mandarin and rose to promote sensuality. A second note of patchouli and sweet spices add spice and warmth. The essential fragrance for today's woman!! O-P221
Sku: O-P221
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90