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    African Dashiki

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    What people want to know about the African Dashiki? 

    Love the dashikis!!!!! I normally wear them as a dress
    - Alexus in Richland Hills, TX

    I love the material it's not too thick or too thin. Delivery was fast
    - Maya in Philadelphia, PA

    I love these type dashiki they are a better quality
    - Talonga in Shelby, NC

    Isn't a Dashiki just an African T-Shirt?

    Dashikis are traditionally loose fitting pull-over shirts for men with an ornate v-shaped collar. They range from casual to formal with an easy to wear look. While the more casual kind are usually cotton shirts with little or no embroidery, higher end dress shirts will often be made of a silk brocade. More formal African Dashikis can have intricate embroidery along the neck or collar and at the sleeve ends.

    The Dashiki – A Symbol of Africa for Black History Month

    Men's Brocade Dashiki Top 

    Men's Brocade Dashiki Top

    Are Dashikis my Style?

    While the common dashikis found in the US today are comfortable and cheap clothes, the dashiki has a long history that originated in West Africa and was originally a shirt covering the entire chest as well as in a much longer version called the grand boubou. Dashikis were loose fitting and light enough to offer protection for the sun and heat, very important with the West African climate!

    The dashiki has made a huge breakthrough from Africa since the African American culture struggles of the 1960's where it became a symbol of affirmation, it stood for “black is beautiful,” and signaled a return to African roots. Dashiki's first started being made in Harlem around the summer of 1960 and now find a home all over the US.

    African print dashiki

    African Print Dashiki

    Dashikis are worn in movies, mentioned in print, and worn by famous people all over the world.

    The 2018 movie "Black Panther" has reenergized African fashion like the Traditional Print Dashiki. Many moviegoers wore dashikis to see the movie premier.

    Wilt Chamberlin, Sammy Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder, even Washington DC mayor Marion Barry were known to make many press appearances in Dashikis. Dashiki has been found on many musicians mostly the African-American musicians including famous ones like Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna, Zendaya, Jhene Aiko, Q-Tip and many more. A dashiki is even worn in a musical number in the Disney film Enchanted!

    Dashikis are also often worn during modern Kwanzaa celebrations and become very popular each February for Black History Month when people become mindful of getting back in touch with their heritage.

    Why do people love dashikis so much?

    • Dressing in African style is fun!
    • Dashikis are very comfortable, especially in warm weather because of their loose fit.
    • The size makes them an easy wear for anyone!

    Whether you're going for a vintage look, re-connecting with your heritage, or just staying cool and comfortable on a hot day, African print dashikis are a great choice!

    Give us a call today at 1-800-500-6120 and experience the benefits of the dashiki for yourself!

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