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    About Africa Imports

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    240 South Main Street, Unit A South Hackensack, NJ 07606

    Making a difference in Africa

    Africa Imports brings lasting income to people and communities in Africa in two ways:

    We bring thousands of African creations to the global market, This creates real change with a sustainable income for hundreds of small business people in Africa

    We also help hundreds of African orphan children through direct donations. Every purchase from Africa Imports helps pay for food, schooling, and medical care for hundreds of special needs children. We are closely connected with these children, and do extra to guarantee that this money is properly distributed to them.

    This is what drives our company, In 2018, our donations totalled over $212,000. Seeing these children has made a big difference in the lives of several of us who work here; and has helped accomplish some tremendous and lasting good for many of these kids individually.

    Since the beginning our charitable work in 2007, Africa Imports has contributed over $1.5 million to help people in need in Africa. It's not just money, we have personal long-term relationships with about 60 adults who help the children and others.

    Making a difference in North America.

    Africa Imports provides an abundance of information, free tools, and training for small businesses and entrepreneurs selling African products in the US. You don't need to purchase from us to get this. Most of it is free right here at

    With 20 years of experience with African products. and a passionate team of knowledgeable and dedicated people, we can help you succeed in the African business of your dreams. We offer what no one else can. Africa Imports gives you between 70 and 200 new products to choose from every month, You’ll always find something new to provide to your customers.

    Our core values

    The reason our company exists. What we believe gives us our strength and passion.

    To improve lives for craftspeople, children, and communities in Africa.

    To act with integrity, transparency, and authenticity.

    To reward inspired work with excellence.

    Meet our team


    Customer Service Manager
    [email protected] EXT: 231

    “I like knowing that the work I do is making a difference for so many people in Africa.”



    Customer Service 
    [email protected] EXT: 228

    “Everyone is here with a purpose to make a difference whether that difference is big or small we all help in some way.”



    Customer Service
    [email protected] EXT: 226

    “I love the feeling I get when someone can start a new business with products they believe in.”



    Customer Service
    [email protected] EXT: 229

    “I love working here because of all the good we do for the peoples of Africa.”



    Purchasing and IT
    [email protected] EXT: 225

    “One thing that I like about working here is meeting the people who bring our products from Africa.”



    Accounting & Inventory
    [email protected] EXT: 233

    “A deeper exposure to African culture, adds to my understanding of life.”



    Graphic Design and Photography

    [email protected]

    “I love seeing all the new products arrive”




    Order Packing

    “It is fun for me to be around so many special products each day.”



    Order Packing

    “I feel the best when I hear that there were no mistakes in any orders that I pack.”





    Oil Bottling

    “I love the way all the oils smell.”




    “What I like most about working at Africa Imports are that the people here are so nice.”



    Product Manager and Finance
    [email protected] 

    “I like working to build a company that creates opportunities for our customers and for people in Africa.”



    Wayne and Randy

    Owners and Founders
    [email protected]  [email protected] EXT: 236

    “I love knowing that we are making good things happen in Africa, for our customers, and for the people working here.” - Wayne

    “To me, the best part of Africa Imports is the way it helps people in Africa.” - Randy


    Our Africa Helpers

    Our Africa Helpers

    Our Africa Helpers

    Meet some African workers and 

    Our history.

    The business was started in 1998. For the first year, the business was operated by the founder Wayne Kiltz, his family, and by one office person. Most of this period of time was spent learning about the market for African goods, and developing a base of reliable suppliers.

    The owner spent the first year traveling the US and Africa; learning from other African stores; exhibiting goods in trade shows; and building a base of customers. During this period, we learned many things that help make an African business successful. We also found sources for the most popular products. By working with so many other people, we discovered some of the best ways to sell African products in the US.


    In October of 1999, the business was relocated to Hackensack, New Jersey because it is close to New York with a large base of African suppliers. Being in New Jersey instead of New York allowed us to supply African products at much lower prices. Today Africa Imports is the largest supplier of African products in the US. We supply over 2,000 wholesale customers with African clothing, artwork, musical instruments, jewelry, oils, soaps, and personal care products. There are 16 people at our main office; and about 100 different people from Africa who travel back and forth with new products. We also estimate that there are over 1,000 different people in Africa who make the products in their own communities.