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Oils, Incense, Burners

See more choices of wholesale body oils, burners, and incense at Africa Imports. We have a giant selection of over 1,100 uncut body oils available for men and women at wholesale prices. Find traditional scents like lavender, myrrh, and vanilla and designer brand oils that your customers will love.

Wholesale fragrance oils and essential oils are the 3rd best selling category at Africa Imports. Customers love using these oils in different ways. You can burn them, wear them, or use them to make soap and lotion. They don't have alcohol, fillers, or harmful chemicals, and the fragrance lasts longer than cheaper alternatives. Plus, new oils arrive almost everyday so you'll always have something new for your customers.

Buy oils in larger bottles to save money. You can pour the oil into smaller bottles to sell to your customers. You can also make your oils last longer with cutting oils. Use DPG with oils for oil burners or incense. Use grapeseed oil for massage and aromatherapy.

Africa Imports doesn't just sell products. We also donate a big percentage of our profits to helping people and communities in Africa. Feel the spirit of Africa now. No waiting. Get your order on the same day if you order before 2 pm. Save more with free shipping when your order is over $500 in the continental US.

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Tell us any oil names you can't find here. We will add any that we can.

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Most of the oils we carry are not paraben or phtlatate free
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