What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are a chemical additive that can help extend the strength of the fragrance oil. Products that include phthalates are becoming a concern to some customers due to certain types having negative effects on your health.  Diethyl phthalate (DEP) used in fragrance oils has been found to be non-toxic in skin products and candles if used at safe levels. Many of our oils now contain a link to a PDF of  International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Compliance sheet for that oil. 


Below is a list of our fragrances that are confirmed to be Phthalate Free.  

Oils not on this list are not necessarily with phthalates, we were not able to confirm they do not have them. 


O-A19 Armani: Code Sport (M) Type
O-A20 Armani: Code Ice (M) Type
O-A22 Almond & Vanilla
O-A24 Armani: Code (M) Type
O-A27 Armani: Code (W) Type
O-A33 Apothia Velvet Rope (W) Type
O-A29 Apple Butter (Pie)
O-A36 Aqualina: Pink Flower (W) Type
O-A35 Azzaro: Chrome Legend (M) Type
O-A37 Azzaro: Wanted (M) Type
O-A39 Ariana Grande: Sweet Like Candy (W) Type
O-A40 Amber Romance (W) (Victoria's Secret) Type
O-A43 Atelier: Cedre Atlas (U) Type
O-A48 Atelier: Orange Sanguine (U) Type
O-A52 Atelier: Musc Impérial (U) Type
O-A59 Azzaro: Chrome Summer (M) Type
O-A87 Amber White: Extreme
O-A94 Apple Mango Tango
O-A95 Armani: Acqua Di Gio Blue (M) Type
O-A97 Autumn Sage
O-A99 Almond & Honey
O-B01 Bath & Body Works: Butterfly Type
O-B05 Burberry: My Burberry Black (W)
O-B06 Bath & Body Works: Champagne Toast Type
O-B08 Bath & Body Works: Mahogany Coconut Type
O-B09 Blue Honeyberry
O-B11 Beautiful (W) Type
O-B17 Bath & Body Works: The Perfect Summer Type
O-B18 Bath & Body Works: Cotton Candy Champagne (W) Type
O-B20 Baby Phat: Goddess (W) Type
O-B27 Butt Naked (W)
O-B29 Be Delicious (W) DKNY Type
O-B30 Black (M) Kenneth Cole Type
O-B49 Barack Obama: (M) Type
O-B55 Beyonce: Heat (W) Type
O-B61 Beyonce: Heat Rush (W) Type
O-B78 Black Amber Lavender
O-B79 Chanel Bleu (M) Type
O-B91 Beyonce: Rise (W) Type
O-BX08 Bath & Bodyworks: Apple Blossom & Lavender Type
O-BX09 Bath & Bodyworks: Cherry Blossom Type
O-BX10 Beyonce: Diamonds (W) Type
O-BX11 B&BW: Hibiscus Ylang Ylang Type
O-BX13 B&BW: Wild Sage & Aloe Type
O-BX14 Beach Sage & Mint
O-BX15 Bath & Bodyworks: Lilac Blossom Type
O-BX18 Blackberry Sage
O-BX19 Bath & Bodyworks: Cherry Champagne Type
O-BX26 Bath & Bodyworks: Black Raspberry Vanilla
O-BX28 BBW: Pink Lemonade
O-BX29 BBW: Lavender Woods
O-BX30 Blue Sugar (M) Type
O-BX31 Black Sugar (W) Type
O-BX33 BBW: Lavender Sea Type
O-BX34 BBW: Blueberry Sugar Type
O-BX35 Bergamot
O-BX36 Burberry: Baby Touch (U) Type
O-BX37 BBW: Berry Flirt Type
O-BX38 Burberry: My Burberry Blush (W) Type
O-BX40 BBW: Desert Wildflower Type
O-BX41 Black Coffee
O-BX43 Bath & Bodyworks: In The Stars (W) Type
O-BX44 Balenciaga: L'Essence (W) Type
O-BX45 BBW: Fresh Watermelon Lemonade Type
O-BX47 Bond No 9 Greenwich Village (M) Type
O-BX48 Burberry: Brit (M) Type
O-BX49 Bath & Bodyworks: Strawberry Pound Cake Type
O-BX50 Bath & Bodyworks: Cinnamon Pinecone Type
O-BX51 Bamboo & Orchid
O-BX52 Bath & Bodyworks: Crushed Candy Cane Type
O-BX54 Bath & Bodyworks: Prosecco & Peaches Type
O-BX55 Bath & Bodyworks: Winter Rose Type
O-BX56 Bond #9: The Scent Of Peace (M) Type
O-BX57 Byredo: Mojave Ghost (U) Type
O-BX58 Byredo: Rose Noir (W) Type
O-BX60 Bath & Bodyworks: Fresh Sparkling Snow Type
O-BX62 Bath & Bodyworks: Mad About You Type
O-BX63 Black Tea Rose
O-BX66 Bath & Bodyworks: Black Sands Type
O-BX67 Bath & Bodyworks: French Lavender & Honey Type
O-BX71 Black Ice (M) Type
O-BX73 Burberry: London (W) Type
O-BX75 Bath & Bodyworks: Raspberries & Whipped Vanilla Type
O-BX76 Bath & Bodyworks: Forever Red (W) Type
O-BX78 Bond No. 9: Dubai Amethyst (U) Type
O-BX79 Bvlgari: Blu Notte (M) Type
O-BX80 Bvlgari: Goldea (W) Type
O-BX81 Bath & Bodyworks: Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Type
O-BX82 Bath & Bodyworks: Spooky Cider Lane Type
O-BX83 Bath & Bodyworks: Dream Bright (W) Type
O-BX84 Bath & Bodyworks: Pinkberry Clouds Type
O-BX85 Bath & Bodyworks: Forever Midnight (W) Type
O-BX86 Bath & Bodyworks: Winter Candy Apple Type
O-BX87 Bvlgari: Aqua (M) Type
O-BX88 Bath & Bodyworks: Iced Vanilla Woods Type
O-BX89 Bath & Bodyworks: Twisted Peppermint Type
O-BX91 Bond No. 9: Dubai Indigo (U) Type
O-BX93 Bath & Bodyworks: Wicked Apple Type
O-BX94 Black Love (W)
O-BX95 Beyonce: Midnight Heat (W) Type
O-BX96 Black Coconut
O-BX97 Bond No.9: New York Night (M) Type
O-BX98 Burberry: Brit Red (W) Type
O-C01 Clinique: Happy Heart (W) Type
O-C04 Chanel: Chance Eau Vive (W) Type
O-C12 Casmir (W) Chopard Type
O-C18 Chanel N°5 (W) Type
O-C25 Clean Reserve: Lush Fleur (W) Type
O-C27 Calvin Klein: Escape (M) Type
O-C29 Creed: Sublime Vanilla (W) Type
O-C36 Cartier: Vetiver Bleu (U) Type
O-C38 Creed: Royal Princess Oud (W) Type
O-C41 Chloe: Roses De Chloe (W) Type
O-C42 Coach (W) Type
O-C43 Coach: Love Blush (W) Type
O-C47 Carolina Herrera: Good Girl (W) Type
O-C54 China Rain
O-C55 Cairo At Dawn
O-C61 Coach: Poppy Flower (W) Type
O-C69 Carolina Herrera: 212 VIP Club Edition (M) Type
O-C78 Coco Chanel (W) Type
O-C80 Campfire
O-C87 Creed: Royal Oud (U) Type
O-C88 Coastal Rose
O-C89 Creed: Viking (M) Type
O-C90 Calvin Klein: Eternity (W) Type
O-C95 Chanel: Allure Homme Sport (M) Type
O-C98 China Musk (U)
O-CX01 Creed: Love In White (W) Type
O-CX04 Caramel
O-CX07 Creed: Bois Du Portugal (M) Type
O-CX08 Cartier: La Panthere (W) Type
O-CX10 Creed: Neroli Sauvage (U) Type
O-CX12 Coconut Milk
O-CX13 Chestnuts & Brown Sugar
O-CX16 Cherry Mango
O-CX24 Creed: Acqua Fiorentina (W) Type
O-CX25 Cherry Almond
O-CX27 Calvin Klein: Euphoria Gold (W)
O-CX28 Cherry Vanilla
O-CX29 Calvin Klein: Eternity Intense (M) Type
O-CX33 Calvin Klein: Eternity Rose Blush (W) Type
O-CX35 Citrus & Sage
O-CX36 Coconut Blossom
O-CX37 Chanel: Jersey (W) Type
O-CX38 Cherry Lemonade
O-CX40 Creed: Green Irish Tweed (M) Type BULK
O-CX41 Cannabis Flower
O-CX43 Chloe (W) Type
O-CX45 Coconut Milk & Lavender
O-CX47 Cherry Marshmallow
O-CX48 Carolina Herrera: Chic (M) Type
O-CX49 Cinnamon Orange
O-CX53 Comme Des Garcon: Sherbet Cinnamon (U) Type
O-CX54 Cinnamon
O-CX58 Creed: Silver Mountain Water (M) Type
O-CX59 Creed: Original Santal (M) Type
O-CX60 Cash Money
O-CX61 Clinique: Lily Of The Beach (W) Type
O-CX63 Creed: Himalaya (M) Type
O-CX64 Chloé: Eau De Parfum (W) Type
O-CX65 Chanel: Gabrielle (W) Type
O-D15 Dior: Miss Dior Chérie (W) Type
O-D18 Davidoff: Cool Water (M) Type
O-D21 Dior: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (W) Type
O-D22 Davidoff: Hot Water (M) Type
O-D68 Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue Sun (M) Type
O-D75 DKNY: Be Delicious Juiced (W) Type
O-D77 DKNY: Be Tempted (W) Type
O-D78 Dior: Bois D'Argent (M) Type
O-D79 Dunhill (M) Type
O-D83 Dunhill: Desire (M) Type
O-D85 Dior: Sauvage (M) Type
O-D88 Downey: April Fresh Type
O-D89 Dunhill: Pursuit (M) Type
O-D90 Dior: Sauvage Eau De Parfum (M) Type
O-D91 Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue Dreaming (W) Type
O-D92 Dior: Miss Dior (W) Type
O-D96 Dior: Homme Eau (M) Type 
O-D97 Dolce & Gabbana: La Roue De La Fortune 10 (W) Type
O-D98 Dior: Joy (W) Type
O-E19 Ed Hardy (W) Type
O-E23 Escada: Sexy Graffiti (W) Type
O-E28 Ed Hardy: Love & Luck (W) Type
O-E85 Ed Hardy: Hearts & Daggers (M) Type
O-E30 Ellen Tracy (W) Type
O-E59 Estee Lauder: Pleasures Intense (W)
O-E73 Euphoria Blossom
O-E77 Elizabeth Arden: True Love (W)
O-E78 Eucalyptus & Spearmint
O-E84 Escada: Incredible Me (W) Type
O-E86 English Laundry: Cambridge Knight (M) Type
O-E87 Escada: Into The Blue (W) Type
O-E88 Eucalyptus
O-E89 Estee Lauder: Beyond Paradise (W) Type
O-E92 Estee Lauder: Pleasures (W) Type
O-E93 Ed Hardy: Hearts & Daggers (W) Type
O-E97 Escada: Turquoise Summer (W) Type
O-F37 Fresh Peach
O-F41 Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus
O-F42 Fresh Lemon
O-F45 Firewood
O-F47 Fresh Orange
O-F48 Fendi (W) Type
O-F49 Fresh Picked Basil
O-F52 Fresh Cut Grass
O-G11 Guerlain: Vetiver (M) Type
O-G14 Giorgio Armani: Si (W) Type
O-G17 Gucci: Guilty Oud (U) Type
O-G19 Gucci: Bamboo (W) Type
O-G21 Gucci: Guilty (M) Type
O-G22 Gucci: Guilty Intense (M) Type
O-G23 Givenchy: Very Irresistible (W) Type
O-G30 Gucci: Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori (W) Type
O-G31 Guerlain: Spiritueuse Double Vanille (W) Type
O-G32 Gucci: Envy (M) Type
O-G36 Giorgio Armani: Acqua Di Gio Absolu (M) Type
O-G43 Guerlain: Shalimar (W) Type
O-G45 Givenchy: Gentlemen (M) Type
O-G59 Guy Laroche: Drakkar Noir (M) Type
O-G60 Geoffrey Beene: Grey Flannel (M) Type
O-G61 Gucci: Envy Me (W) Type
O-G62 Gucci: Guilty (W) Type
O-G65 Gucci: Guilty Black (M) Type
O-G67 Gucci: Flora (W) Type
O-G68 Givenchy: Play (M) Type
O-G69 Givenchy: Play (W) Type
O-G70 Gucci: Guilty Black (W) Type
O-G71 Gucci (W) Type
O-G75 Gucci: Premiere (W) Type
O-G76 Groovy Patchouli
O-G83 Gucci: Bloom Aqua Di Fiori (W) Type
O-G91 Guerlain: L'Homme Ideal (M) Type
O-G98 Guerlain: Samsara (W) Type
O-G93 Gold Sugar
O-G94 Guerlain: French Kiss (W) Type
O-G95 Gain: Original Fresh Type
O-G97 Guerlain: Habit Rouge (M) Type
O-H25 Halle Berry (W) Type
O-H40 Hermes: Terre D'Hermes (M) Type
O-H47 Hugo Boss: Urban Journey (M) Type
O-H49 Honeysuckle
O-H50 Hugo Boss: Orange (M) Type
O-H52 Hugo Boss: Velvet Amber (W) Type
O-H54 Hugo Boss: Damask Oud (M) Type
O-I39 Iced Pineapple
O-I44 Island Coconut
O-I45 Issey Miyake: Nuit D'Issey (M) Type
O-J12 Jimmy Choo: Fever (W) Type
O-J16 Juicy Couture (W) Type
O-J21 Jamaican Fusion
O-J22 Juliette Has A Gun: Mad Madame (W) Type
O-J23 Jimmy Choo: Blossom (W)
O-J24 Joop! All About Eve (W) Type
O-J25 Jimmy Choo: Rose Gold (W) Type
O-J26 Juliette Has A Gun: MMMM (U) Type
O-J27 Jimmy Choo: Man (M) Type
O-J28 Jean Paul Gaultier: Ultra Male (M) Type
O-J29 Juliette Has A Gun: Another Oud (U) Type
O-J32 Jean Paul Gaultier (W) Type
O-J34 Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male (M) Type
O-J36 Jimmy Choo: Ice (M) Type
O-J37 Jimmy Choo: Man Intense (M) Type
O-J38 Juliette Has A Gun: Miss Charming (W) Type
O-J39 Juicy Couture: Oui (W) Type
O-J40 Jo Malone: Pomegranate Noir (W) Type
O-J41 Joop!: Night Flight (M) Type
O-J42 Juliette Has A Gun: Anyway (W) Type
O-J48 Jimmy Choo: Exotic (W) Type
O-J43 Jean Paul Gaultier: Scandal (W) Type
O-J50 Jay-Z: Gold (M) Type
O-J55 Jay-Z: Gold Extreme (M) Type
O-J57 Juliette Has A Gun: Gentlewoman (W) Type
O-J64 Jovan: White Musk (W) Type
O-J71 Jamaican Love
O-J72 JPG: Gaultier 2 (U) Type
O-J83 Juicy Couture: Hollywood Royal (W) Type
O-J82 John Varvatos: Oud (M) Type
O-J87 John Varvatos: Vintage (M) Type
O-J92 Jo: Malone: Amber & Lavender (U) Type
O-J94 Jamaican Vacation
O-J96 Jo Malone: Wood Sage & Sea Salt (M) Type
O-J97 Jamaican Coconut
O-J99 Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume (W) Type
O-K43 Kanye West: Whatever It Takes (M) Type
O-K44 Kwanzaa Holiday Scent
O-K49 Kilian: Straight To Heaven (W) Type
O-K51 Kat Von D: Saint (W) Type
O-K52 Kate Spade: In Full Bloom (W) Type
O-K54 Killian: Rose Oud (W) Type
O-K55 Key Lime Pie
O-K57 Kim Kardashian (W) Type
O-L12 Lacoste: Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Noir (M) Type
O-L16 Lemon
O-L20 Liz Claiborne: Curve (M) Type
O-L22 Liz Claiborne: Curve Crush (W) Type
O-L26 Liz Claiborne: Bora Bora (M) Type
O-L49 Lavender
O-L56 Louis Vuitton: Apogee (W) Type
O-L68 Lush: The Olive Branch Type
O-L69 Lush: 1000 Kisses (U) Type
O-L70 Lush: Yuzu And Cocoa Type
O-L75 Lush: All Good Things (U) Type
O-L77 L'occitane: Lavender Amber Type
O-L78 Lily & Hibiscus
O-L79 Lavender Chamomile
O-L82 Lemongrass & Ginger
O-L86 Lush: Black Pearl Type
O-L87 Lemon Eucalyptus
O-L88 Lush: Angel's Delight
O-L89 Lemon & Fig
O-L91 Lily Of The Valley
O-L92 Lemon Pomegranate Cream
O-L93 Lemon Drop
O-L94 Lush: Karma Type
O-L95 Lacoste: Energized (M) Type
O-L96 Lacoste: Touch Of Pink (W) Type
O-M01 Mont Blanc: Legend (M) Type
O-M03 Mango Pineapple
O-M04 Moonworks: Citrus & Ginger Type
O-M05 Marc Jacobs: Violet (W) Type
O-M07 Michael Kors: White (W) Type
O-M08 Marc Jacobs: Daisy Love (W) Type
O-M13 Mambo (M) Type
O-M15 Michael Kors: Wonderlust (W) Type
O-M17 Moonworks: Beeswax & Propolis
O-M18 Marc Jacobs: Orange Splash (W) Type
O-M21 Mercedes Benz (W) Type
O-M20 Michael Kors (M) Type
O-M23 Michael Kors: Midnight Shimmer (W) Type
O-M24 Michael Kors: Sexy Blossom (W) Type
O-M25 Mariah Carey (W) Type
O-M29 Michael Kors: White Luminous Gold (W) Type
O-M43 Moonworks: Ancient Incense Type
O-M44 Mulberry
O-M45 Moschino: Forever (M) Type
O-M46 Moonworks: Patchouli Passion Type
O-M54 Moonworks: Celestial Sea Type
O-M55 Maison Margiela: Whispers In The Library (W) Type
O-M56 Maison Francis: Baccarat Rouge 540 (W) Type
O-M61 Moonworks: Lavender Sage Type
O-M62 Michael Kors: Sexy Sunset (W) Type
O-M67 Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Aqua Celestia Forte (W) Type
O-M69 Mango Butter
O-M70 Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Gentle Fluidity Gold (W) Type
O-M80 Marc Jacobs: Daisy Dream (W) Type
O-M97 Marc Jacobs: Daisy So Fresh (W)
O-N22 Nicki Minaj: Minajesty
O-N31 Narciso Rodriguez (W) Type
O-N35 Narciso Rodriguez: Bleu Noir (M) Type
O-N36 Nest: Birchwood Pine Type
O-N37 Nike: Red (M) Type
O-N38 Nike: Pink (W) Type
O-N39 Nature's Garden: Crackling Firewood Type
O-N40 Nature's Garden: Fresh Brewed Coffee Type
O-N42 Nest: Black Tulip Type
O-N43 Nicki Minaj: Trini Girl (W) Type
O-N44 Nina Ricci: Ricci Ricci (W) Type
O-N45 Nicki Minaj: Exotic (W) Type
O-N47 Nicki Minaj: Queen (W) Type
O-N49 Nicki Minaj: Onika (W) Type
O-N50 Nicki Minaj: Summer (W) Type
O-O29 Olive Blossom
O-O31 Orange Clove
O-O32 Oscar De La Renta: Extraordinary (W) Type
O-P21 Pink (W) Victoria's Secret Type
O-P24 [New Edition] Peppermint
O-P28 Philosophy: Amazing Grace (W)
O-P31 Philosophy: Eternal Grace
O-P32 Perry Ellis: 360 Red (M) Type
O-P36 Philosophy: Pure Grace (W) Type
O-P72 Pineapple Orange
O-PX07 Polo: Red White Blue (M) Type
O-PX10 Pumpkin
O-PX18 Popcorn
O-PX20 Philosophy: Loveswept (W) Type
O-PX22 Paris Hilton: Just Me (W) Type
O-PX23 Pineapple Strawberry
O-PX26 Peppermint Twist
O-PX24 Paco Rabanne: Invictus Legend (M) Type
O-PX28 Paco Rabanne: Invictus (M) Type
O-PX29 Paco Rabanne: 1 Million (M) Type
O-PX30 Paco Rabanne: Black XS (M) Type
O-PX32 Pace Rabanne: 1 Million Lucky (M) Type
O-PX33 Paco Rabanne: Invictus Intense (M) Type
O-PX37 Palo Santo
O-PX40 Paco Rabanne: Aqua Invictus (M)
O-PX42 Perry Ellis: 360° (M) Type
O-PX43 Perry Ellis: 360° Blue (M) Type
O-PX49 Paris Hilton: Rose Rush (W) Type
O-R60 Ralph Lauren: Red Rush (M) Type
O-R63 Ralph Lauren: Purple Label (M) Type
O-R64 Ralph Lauren: Midnight Romance (W) Type
O-R65 Ralph Lauren: Tender Romance (W) Type
O-R69 Roberto Cavali: Black (M) Type
O-R70 Ralph Lauren: Double Black (M) Type
O-R71 Ralph Lauren: Big Pony Pink (W)
O-R72 Roberto Cavali: Man (M) Type
O-R73 Ralph Lauren: Ralph Wild (W) Type
O-R74 Ralph Lauren: Ralph Fresh (W) Type
O-R75 Roberto Cavalli: Eau De Parfum (W) Type
O-R76 Ralph Lauren: Big Pony Purple #4 (W) Type
O-R78 Rihanna: Riri (W) Type
O-R79 Ralph Lauren: Polo Explorer (M) Type
O-R80 Rochas: Moustache Original (M) Type
O-R81 Rosie Jane: Angie (U) Type
O-R86 Rihanna: Crush (W) Type
O-R87 Rihanna: Kiss (W) Type
O-R88 Rosemary Mint
O-R89 Ralph Lauren: Polo Supreme Cashmere (M) Type
O-R93 Ralph Lauren: Polo Red Extreme (M) Type
O-R94 Ralph Lauren: Woman (W) Type
O-R95 River Of Honey
O-R96 Ralph Lauren: Big Pony Yellow #3 (W) Type
O-R97 Rainforest Hibiscus
O-R98 Ralph Lauren: Polo Red Remix (M) Type
O-S13 Sean John: 3AM (M) Type
O-S14 Snickerdoodle
O-S80 Strawberry Milkshake
O-S82 Sage
O-S83 Sage & Lemongrass
O-S84 Super Cherry
O-S88 Sandalwood & Blue Sage
O-S89 Steel Sugar (M) Type
O-S91 Salvatore Ferragamo: Black (M) Type
O-S92 Salvatore Ferragamo: Signorina Misteriosa (W) Type
O-S94 Sean John: I Am King Of The Night (M) Type
O-S95 Strawberry Banana
O-S98 Sea Salt Rosemary
O-T60 Thierry Mugler: Alien (W) Type
O-T66 Tom Ford: Extreme Noir (M) Type
O-T72 Tom Ford: Bois Marocain (U) Type
O-T76 Thierry Mugler: Aura Mugler Eau De Parfum (W)
O-T77 Tom Ford: Noir De Noir (U) Type
O-T78 Taylor Swift: Wonderstruck (W) Type
O-T79 Tom Ford: Venetian Bergamot (M) Type
O-T80 Tom Ford: F* Fabulous (U) Type
O-T81 Tom Ford: Lost Cherry (U) Type
O-T82 Tom Ford: Black Orchid (W) Type
O-T84 Tide: Clean Breeze Type
O-T85 Thierry Mugler: Alien Goddess (W) Type
O-T86 Tom Ford: Rive D'Ambre (U) Type
O-T88 Tom Ford: London (U) Type
O-T92 Thymes: Frasier Fir Type
O-T93 Tom Ford: Noir (W) Type
O-T94 Tory Burch (W) Type
O-T95 Tommy Bahama (M) Type
O-T96 Tom Ford: Italian Cypress (U) Type
O-T97 Tom Ford: Grey Vetiver (M) Type
O-T98 Tom Ford: Mandarino Di Amalfi (U) Type
O-T99 Tom Ford: Oud Wood (U) Type
O-U11 Usher Type (M) Fragrance Oil
O-V10 Valentino: Pour Homme (M) Type
O-V14 Versace: Eros Flame (M) Type
O-V15 Versace: Eros Pour Femme (W) Type
O-V17 Very Sexy (M) Victoria's Secret
O-V20 Victoria's Secret: Endless Love (W) Type
O-V21 Versace: Pour Homme (M) Type
O-V22 Victoria's Secret: Bombshell (W) Type
O-V23 Vince Camuto: Bella (W) Type
O-V24 Vince Camuto: Terra (M) Type
O-V26 Versace: The Dreamer (M) Type
O-V28 Victoria's Secret: Bombshell Intense (W) Type
O-V29 Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb Nectar (W) Type
O-V32 Victoria's Secret: So Sexy (W) Type
O-V33 Victoria's Secret: Tease Creme Cloud (W) Type
O-V34 Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb Midnight (W) Type
O-V37 Victoria's Secret: Jasmine Dream (W) Type
O-V46 Victoria's Secret: Sweet Daydream (W) Type
O-V47 Versace: Crystal Noir (W) Type
O-V48 Victoria's Secret: Bombshells In Bloom (W) Type
O-V50 Victoria's Secret: Heavenly (W) Type
O-V55 Valentino: Very Valentino (W) Type
O-V58 Victoria's Secret: Pear Glacé (W) Type
O-V66 Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb (W) Type
O-V76 Victoria's Secret: Honeysuckle White Patchouli
O-V79 Victoria's Secret: Bombshell Paradise (W) Type
O-V81 Viktor & Rolf: Spicebomb Extreme (M) Type
O-V82 Victoria's Secret: Very Sexy Orchid (W) Type
O-V84 Voluspa: Baltic Amber Type
O-V86 Victoria's Secret: Love Spell Splash (W) Type
O-V87 Voluspa: Goji Tarocco Orange Type
O-V88 Victoria's Secret: Bombshell Pink Diamonds (W) Type
O-V89 Victoria's Secret: Love Spell Lace (W) Type
O-V90 Voluspa: French Cade Lavender Type
O-V92 Victoria's Secret: Love Spell (W) Type
O-V94 Victoria's Secret: Coconut Passion (W) Type
O-V95 Victoria's Secret: Exotic Bloom (W) Type
O-V96 Versace: Eros (M) Type
O-V97 Victoria's Secret: Love Spell Noir (W) Type
O-V99 Victoria's Secret: Love Pink (W) Type
O-W11 White Linen (W) Estee Lauder Type
O-Y10 Ylang Ylang
O-V19 Viktor & Rolf: Spicebomb (M) Type
O-Y21 Ylang & Myrrh
O-Y23 YSL: Y Eau De Parfum (M)
O-Y25 YSL: Belle D'Opium (W) Type
O-Y28 YSL: Paris (W) Type
O-Y32 YSL: Parisienne (W) Type
O-Y33 YSL: Black Opium Floral Shock (W) Type
O-Y36 YSL: M7 Oud (M) Type
O-Y37 Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium (W) Type
O-Y39 Yves Saint Laurent: L'Homme Libre (M) Type
O-Y40 Yves Saint Laurent: Y (M) Type
O-Y42 Yves Saint Laurent: L'Homme (M) Type