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Discover a big selection of wholesale African bracelets at Africa Imports. Our collection includes both traditional and fashionable designs, each telling the story of Africa's vibrant culture. You'll find cowrie shell bracelets, Tuareg bracelets, ankh cuffs, Fulani bracelets, and more. Created by skilled artisans from Ghana, Senegal, Mali, and other West African countries, these African bracelets stand out. Not only do they make a statement, but they can also offer health benefits such as improving circulation. What makes our jewelry even more special is the prices. Our best-selling ideas cost less than $4 each, perfect for those looking to resell and share the spirit of Africa within their communities. With Africa Imports, you always have something new for your customers, and you're supporting African communities with every purchase. Experience Africa now. No waiting. Order before 2 pm for same-day shipping, and enjoy free shipping when your order exceeds $500 in the continental US. Embark on this journey with Africa Imports and explore the rich tapestry of wholesale bracelets that awaits.