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    Melting Shea Butter at Home

    Shea ButterITEMS NEEDED
    • A thermometer to read temperatures between 60° to 170° degrees Fahrenheit
    • A mixing bowl with a cover or a large Zip Lock Bag
    • A hot water bath
    • One wooden spoon

    STEP 1

    Begin making a hot water bath.  
    Check the temperature of the water with the thermometer. For best results, temperature should be between 140° and 160° Fahrenheit.

    STEP 2  

    Place the mixing bowl (or large Zip Lock bag) containing shea butter on the hot water bath and cover with a lead. Be careful not to spill water into the butter. You will notice after a few minutes that your butter begins to melt.

    STEP 3

    Continue to monitor the temperature of the bath water until the Shea Butter is completely melted.

    STEP 4

    Once the butter is completely melted, remove the Butter from the hot water bath and put in a cool place. If you wish to add some essential oil or fragrance, this is the stage to do so. Keep monitoring the melted butter; once the butter begins to solidify, use the wooden spoon to whip the butter. Do a second whipping 15 minutes after the first whipping to your desired smoothness.

    STEP 5

    Place Butter into your desired packaging material and allow to solidify. Your 100% natural vitamin A cream is now ready for use.

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