How We Help Africa

How We Help Africa 

Changing the world one life at a time

Your purchases from Africa Imports make a real difference.

If we each do a little in the battle against injustice and oppression, together we can do something that matters.

About half the profits from your purchases go to help orphan children in Africa. When even a little bit of money goes to the right place, WE make a big difference in someone else’s life.

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Nelson Mandela

Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.

We guarantee that at least half of our profits will be used to make a difference in the lives of kids like these.

Meet some of the people who your purchases support

None of us can fix all these problems on our own. But together, you and we can make a big difference for some of these children.

A nurse checks a baby’s temperature at a medical clinic in Chipwa, Zambia. Your purchases help with the cost of much needed medical care in remote parts of Africa.

These kids from a very poor area of Congo. Your purchases from Africa Imports helps them with extra food on a regular basis. Thanks for being a part of something so important to so many people.

Your purchases help to keep these children in a much safer environment.

Find out about our newest orphanages and schooling projects in Africa!

See videos from the people you help support

Read updated biographies and updates on the orphans at the Africa Imports Blog.

What we try to accomplish in our giving

The main thing that we try to do is to provide basic needs to some of the neediest people in the world.

We purchase food for almost 1,000 orphan children. Many receive food each day, others once a week or less. These children often have no other means of support.

Because we also want to help stop the cause of many of these problems, Africa Imports also supports a number of teachers and other adults. These people help children and others to obtain valuable life skills. By teaching these skills, it is hoped that there will be fewer

Thank you from Congo

Who we give to

Every dollar that is donated to these charities goes directly to the children or people working with the children or other charitable activities. We have relationships with people in Africa who help us with this at no or very little cost. When we can find a need; and we can make sure that the money is all being used to help the kids; we begin to send money. As money is used the way that we are told it would be, then we send more if we have it. We are always hoping to see a lot more done.

There is corruption in some of these areas, and sometimes charitable gifts end up going to someone or someplace different than intended for. We are fortunate to have people who we know and trust who watch things for us. Getting money to the people who really need it is extra work for these people, which they are not really paid for. They would feel as bad or worse than any of us, if the money was not used to help any of the kids shown here.

How can you help

If you are one of our wholesale buyers, you can help the most by being successful in selling African products. Not only does this help us to support these children, it also keeps people working making their traditional crafts in Africa. The more you sell, the more people in Africa can thrive in their own businesses, and the more funds can circulate through these communities in Africa. If you are going through a slow or difficult time in your business, remember some of the other people who are supported by what you do. A small sale here can go a long ways in some of these African communities.

Here's how far it goes. Every $7.50 that you purchase from Africa Imports, sends enough money to Africa to purchase a meal for a child. Even a $75. order pays for 10 meals for kids.

If you are buying things for yourself, be sure to look for African made products when you can. Even if Africa Imports does not make a profit, your purchase can be a tremendous help to different people and communities in Africa.

“Thanks to Africa imports…I do feel closer to Africa, and I’m very grateful to be a part of a company who gives to those who are really less fortunate. God bless this company. Thanks.”

- Lasandra Fort Worth Texas