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This NEW guide gives you the help you need to start out successfully. Africa Imports has spent more than 18 years creating the best and largest selection of African products anywhere. You get step-by-step instructions that give you the fastest way to grow your own business. These same ideas that others have used to grow African businesses can give success to you.

Africa Imports only succeeds if you do. I hope this guide is a big help to you.

- Wayne Kiltz


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How does this work? Is there a catch?

Africa Imports is mainly a wholesale supplier of products to wholesale customers. By starting your own business, you will have a wholesale account with access to wholesale prices, that are significantly marked down compared to retail prices. This gives you, the wholesaler, a great opportunity to earn money selling products to friends, through catalogs, at events, and in your retail business.

Africa Imports DOES NOT operate a multi-level marketing function. We do not collect sales tax, process credit cards, or help with order fulfillment for your customers. There are NO hidden fees, NO contracts and NO maintenance fees associated with wholesale accounts.

If you are only interested in purchasing some items for yourself, click here, and start a retail account. Prices for retail accounts are NOT the same as wholesale, and there is no order minimum with retail accounts.

Wholesale order minimums:

Your first wholesale order placed has a $100 wholesale order minimum, unless you purchase one of our Starter Kits. All orders after your first have a $50 order minimum. There are no account fees, no annual membership fees, or any hidden charges associated with your wholesale account. You can order as much as you want, as often as you like.

What support programs or benefits come with a wholesale account?

Marketing Tools

Almost every month, Africa Imports brings you new wholesale fliers as well as ongoing pre­approved marketing assets and business tips to bring you new ideas to get more sales.

New Product Announcements

As a new wholesaler, you're automatically enrolled in our weekly emails, giving you new product announcements, promotions, free offers, and business growing tips to help you succeed.

Customer Support

The Africa Imports Customer Service team is here to help you throughout each step. From placing orders to asking questions about new products, we always have you covered.



Sales Locations, Marketing & Promotions

Here are a few of the most popular sales methods as outlined on page 19 of the New Compete Success Guide. Click on these links to learn more, be more successful, and make more money.

  1. Personal Sales to Friends/Catalog sales
  2. Mall Kiosk or Sales Booth
  3. Flea Markets/Events/Community Gatherings
  4. Salons/Spas
  5. Home Parties
  6. Internet

Four Reasons why this will Work for You:

    1. It's easy Africa Imports has tested literally thousands of different product ideas from across Africa. You will know what your customers are most likely to want. Africa Imports maintains a giant selection of African products on hand at all times. All orders are filled within one business day, so you can order what you need today, and get it tomorrow. You can give customers more selection, and you can get their order when they want it. Africa Imports also gives you more promotional material than you could ever duplicate on your own. You can give your customers large, professional quality catalogs filled with ideas that you can't find anywhere else. You have access to a giant source of information about African art and culture in general; and over 1,500 individual products as well. We've done most of the work for you, so you can avoid many of the problems that other new businesses fail over.
    2. It's Free. You can start with no money. There is no requirement to spend money up front to get started. You will make even more if you invest at least a small amount to get samples. You will make more yet if you order enough inventory to let your customers find something that they will want to own, buy and take with them right away. But you can also take orders for the products from our catalogs; or from your own website. You can then order only the products that your customers have already ordered; and bring in new business from customers that you have already made contact with.

See our Starter Kit. It's only $49 with free shipping.

  1. Everything is 100% guaranteed. If your order is not everything that you want it to be, you can return anything you are unhappy for any reason at all (or even for no reason). You will get either a full refund, or you can exchange it for something else. The choice is yours. This must be done within 30 days of purchase. 
  2. We're here to support you. The only things that we sell at Africa Imports are African and African inspired products. We have been in business since 1998, and we want to do all that we can to help you succeed. If you are successful, then so are we. If you need help or advice, you can call on us any time toll free at (800) 500-6120.

See our Starter Kit. It's only $49 with free shipping.

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