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    Repeat Sales Potential


    African art can be extremely beneficial to your business. Displaying African art in your store can not only give it an African feel and atmosphere, it can draw people in and create conversation and interest. Many people love African art, especially around the holidays when they’re looking for a unique gift. While people may not need to repeatedly restock on art as they do with soap, they still love to find unique pieces of art that give them a piece of African life and culture. It’s hard to find true African art anywhere. You can find many affordable choices that give your customers a way to own a piece of the motherland and experience authentic African beauty.

    Tried and True Methods for Selling African Art

    • Display your art throughout your store, in your window or on your walls. It’s a great way to generate interest and draw in more passers-by.
    • Show your art on social media! Take pictures of how you’re using African art in your own home - whether it’s a salad set, your new key chain, or some framed banana leaf paintings. Social media can give you many ways to connect with art enthusiasts and network with people who would be interested in what you’re offering.
    • Try selling on eBay, Etsy or Craigslist. Many people start online when they’re looking for something unique like African art. They may not know where to go to look for it at a physical store, so they may start online. Try to keep some of your art pieces always available on these sites.
    • Set up a booth at a flea market or festival! Artwork sells well at these venues, and gives you the chance to find new customers as well!

    Top 3 Sellers

    Fan: Burkina Faso Hand Woven

    11"-12” Giraffe 

    African Cloth Doll