Salons and Spas

Many people who regularly use African skin care products frequent salons and spas.

Here are 4 simple steps to find new customers at salons and spas

  1. Call or stop in at salons in your area (you can find them by doing a search on the internet or driving around) to speak to store management about your products and availability. Sell them on the idea of your products being made specifically for their type of customer. You can have your products be offered for sale, or even be used in the salon depending on the salon type you visit.
  2. Give them one of your catalogs (See Personal Sales Methods) to look through. Leave a few copies with them to keep in the waiting area. Customers who care about health and beauty will be able to find you by picking up one of the catalogs.
  3. Bring samples of soaps, oils, lotions and hair care products. This is a great way for them to remember you and for them to try your product.

    Shea Butter - Shea butter is wonderful for massage. In fact, many therapists would love to use shea butter, but are convinced it is too expensive. This is normally because they are looking in the wrong places. Shea butter not only is wonderful for massage, but it moisturizes the skin and heals stretch marks. Our shea butter is not as expensive as other brands, and it lasts longer on the skin than massage oils so you don't have to use as much.

    Jojoba Oil & Grape Seed Oil - Both of these oils are very popular in spas, especially for massages and facials. They are great for the skin, improve the tone and elasticity, and they are long-lasting for massages.

    Dead Sea Mud - Estheticians everywhere love dead sea mud, they probably even know about the benefits already! This mud cleanses and nourishes the skin, and is a huge hit at spas everywhere.
  4. Build your list. (See page 14 of the downloadable How to Start Your African Business Guide) Capture their contact information. Name, Phone, and Email. This gives you the opportunity to follow up with them based on your conversation.