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    Selling Oils


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    Repeat Sales Potential


    Fragrance and essential oils are the 3rd best-selling category at Africa Imports. People love oils - they can burn them, wear them, use them in soapmaking or add them to their favorite lotions. Essential oils can give health and well being! Fragrance oils give people more for their money. Bypass all the alcohol, fillers, and chemical ingredients in perfumes and get a more natural product that smells better and has a longer-lasting scent. When people buy oils, they’re more likely to come back for more and to try other fragrances. They are easy to display on your store desk, burn in your shop, or to recommend to friends and family. You can even mix up oils to make your own signature blends. Oils are inexpensive and require hardly any investment. They are a great way to jump start your business faster.

    Tried and True Methods for Selling Oils

    • Display oils on your store counter. When people are about to leave a shop they often find it hard to resist adding one last inexpensive product to their order. Fragrance oils are inexpensive, fun and customers come back for more.
    • Burn oils in your store or home where your customers are. When people comment on the amazing scents show them the oil that you used and take the opportunity to show them more oils and oil burners they can use.
    • Get a sample set of oils and let your customers smell and sample them. Trying different products is the best way to get customers interested, giving you the opportunity to sell them larger bottles and burners.
    • Offer a promotion in your store and use oils as an incentive! Promotions like “Buy 2 oils, get one free” or “Spend $30 and get one free oil” are a great way to get people to try out oils and increase your sales.

    Top 3 Sellers

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