Selling Instruments

  Dr. Lydia A. Woods is Founder and CEO of Drum Arizona, Inc. We give away African Djembe  drums to children who have experienced homelessness, hospitalization and foster care in Arizona. We also sell all of the Djembe drums, and instruments, as well as the Dashikis to help support our organization.

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Repeat Sales



African musical instruments are great for specialty sales. While not as universally in demand as soaps or clothing, they create interest in your store, drawing people in to look for other things. Plus, selling one large drum can make you a much bigger profit than selling many bars of soap. People love African drums - they’re beautiful, easy to learn, they have a story to tell. They are also more affordable than most other instruments.

Drums are used in African traditions, festivals, celebrations, and even used as a way to send messages from village to village. Putting a D’jembe drum in your store window is sure to capture interest and shout to the world that YOU are the place to go for authentic African products.

Best Methods for Selling Musical Instruments

  • Play your musical instruments inside your store - or outside your store! People are drawn to the sound and the beauty of the instrument. You can show people a few simple ways to play it themselves! This connects you with passers-by and engages them with your products.
  • Sell online! Places like eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist are great places to find customers for African instruments! Many people who are looking for a rare instrument like a D’jembe drum start online.
  • Have an African home party Invite your friends, family, and prospects to your home and show them some basic drum-playing techniques! Not sure how to play? Look on Youtube or on our web site for free tutorials! Get everyone involved and having fun in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.
  • When Christmas comes around, set out miniature D’Jembe drums or tic-toe drums as Christmas gift ideas! During the holiday season, miniature D’jembe drums are a very popular African gift and they are a great way to get people started with African instruments.

Top 3 Sellers

D'Jembe Drum: Full Size

D'Jembe Drum:
X-Small 6" 8"

Kalimba-Gourd Thumb Piano