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I love the butters! I bought them to test a formula for a conditioner and they are better than expected. I absolutely love them. I test my formulas on my family and they love it, too.

~ Robin in Indianapolis, IN 



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Help others fix a problem. African personal care products do just that. They are natural, safer than what you can find at a drugstore, and extremely effective. If you have customers struggling with acne, eczema, aging, and even their baby’s diaper rash - there’s an African solution to any of these problems.

Many people want to make the switch to natural health and beauty care but aren’t sure how. Some are afraid that it’s too expensive. We give you the lowest prices anywhere so you can offer your customers an affordable price and still make a good profit. Personal care products are a great way to generate customer loyalty, more sales, and help the people wanting a healthier lifestyle.

Best Methods for Selling Health and Beauty

  • Give out samples! We sell sample sizes of many of our personal care products so you can let your customers try the product out before buying! Giving samples brings you repeat sales and loyal customers.
  • Use social media! Try out the products yourself and talk about your results on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube! Take before and after pictures and let your prospects know how much you are benefiting.
  • Give your health and beauty products a prominent place in your store. Make it easy for people to be healthier and have better skin.
  • Give out samples of your products to spas or nail salons. Many of these places need shea butter, jojoba oil, or other skin care products to use for their customers.
  • Have a home party! Invite your friends and customers over and share with them the many benefits of African health and beauty. Give out samples, show a demonstration, and make it fun for everyone!

Top 3 Sellers

Shea Butter

Neem Toothpaste

Soursop Bitters