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Shea Butter

Africa Imports is the largest shea butter wholesaler in the US. Find raw, unrefined white and yellow shea butter in different sizes, from 7 Oz. to 44 Lbs.. We also offer shea nut oil, whipped shea butter, body wash, lip balm, and more. Our bulk organic shea butter is carefully sourced from people we have long lasting, honest relationships with to ensure it is 100% genuine and pure. Shea butter has many benefits for your skin. It helps keep your skin moisturized and can soothe inflammation. If you have cuts or scrapes, shea butter can aid in the healing process. It is also effective against breakouts and contains antioxidants that can help fight signs of aging. You can even make your own skincare products using shea butter, like lotions, lip balms, and under-eye wrinkle removers. At Africa Imports, we don't just sell products. We share half of our profits to help people and communities in Africa. By choosing our shea butter, you are not only getting the highest quality product but also making a positive impact on communities in Africa. Order now and experience the spirit of Africa. You don't have to wait because we offer same-day shipping if you order before 2 pm. And if your order is over $500 in the continental US, you can enjoy free shipping. Join us in making a difference while discovering the wonders of shea butter.