Selling Jewelry


  I ordered my first few jewelry pieces from Africa Import. Once I saw how gorgeous these pieces were I knew my company would be providing absolutely stunning, handmade jewelry for retail from the Motherland! The fact that I am supporting individuals in parts of Africa is icing on the cake!! I’m grateful to have found Africa Imports and my customers and clients seem to be grateful as well!
~ Sha’ in Enterprise, AL

Africa Imports Category Ranking


Repeat Sales Potential


African jewelry gets customers interested. People love African jewelry because it stands out, tells a story, and is very affordable. Our top three best-sellers are all under $7 each. Jewelry sells especially well around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and Mother’s Day. Try to keep your shelves stocked up well during these times. You can offer Men’s, Women’s, or even Jewelry for Children.

Tried and True Methods for Selling African Jewelry

  • Pair jewelry with clothing in your store. People often love to see a good ensemble, and will choose a nice set of jewelry to go with their outfit if they see it paired together. This is a great way to make two sales in one.
  • Put a small bracelet, earring, or jewelry display on your counter and display affordable jewelry pieces that people can easily add on as a last-minute purchase.
  • Wear African jewelry. People are sure to ask about what you’re wearing and where they can get it. Don’t leave your house without a piece of African jewelry that could get you a new customer.
  • Have an African home party. Invite your friends, family, and customers to your home or store for snacks, drinks, and fun. Tell the stories of African products, let people try things on, explain the significance of the African symbols found in jewelry (cowrie shells are a symbol of prosperity, the ankh symbol is known as the key of life”) This is a great way to make more sales, more connections, and have a good time while you’re at it.
  • Sell your jewelry online. Places like Etsy. Ebay, Pinterest, and even Amazon are great for selling unique hand-crafted jewelry. It’s easy to set up an account and sell online.

Best Sellers