Mall Kiosk and Sales Booth


On any average weekend day in an average mall, 550 people will walk by a mall kiosk each hour. 20% of those that walk by (110 people) will notice a kiosk. Of those, 15%, or 16 people, will stop at a kiosk they see. Of those, 25%, or 4 people, will buy something. If your mall kiosk is average, you can expect 4 sales per hour.

Cost Expectations: Using $20 as an average order value from your customers (this is just an example, individual results will vary), 4 sales per hour will produce $80 in sales per hour, or $800 per 10-hour shift. Find out the costs associated with each kiosk/sales booth opportunity and see if the costs are worth the investment. If you already have a history of sales with current customers, identify your actual average order value and apply these same principals to help determine if a particular location is right for you.

“My customers are very pleased with what I offer them. You make the prices to a place where folks always want to come back for more. They return to me each year I visit with Africa Import products. I am totally spoiled, now. When I go to festivals or local cultural stores.. I just shrug my shoulders and say "Ha.. I know where I can get this item."

~ Olori from Atlanta, GA


Here are 6 best practices for selling at kiosk locations:

  1. Location matters
    Look at the stores that are in close proximity to your kiosk. What kind of potential customers go to these stores? Are the customers passing your location right for the products you offer?
  2. Be Noticed from a Distance:
    Sales follow being noticed. Your display and signage must demand attention. See if you can do some of these:
    • Special Offers: Shoppers love good deals. Give them one. (e.g. Buy One Get One, Free soap bar with $25 purchase, etc.)
    • Engagement: Patrons love interacting with stores and products. Put out some free product to try or ask people if they want to try some free product.

      Once a customer has touched something in your kiosk, you should almost always greet them. If they are showing a high level of interest; or looking at you as if they might want help, this is another time to certainly greet them. You can almost never lose by greeting someone before they leave (or at least mentally leave) your booth. Personal contact with a friendly person is the key to getting the most sales possible from the people who stop at your booth.
    • Product Signage: Making signs or having a sign professionally made can help draw attention to your kiosk. Think about how much space you are allowed to occupy and use all of it to your advantage.
  3. Have Great Display
    Packaging of products is sometimes more important than product itself and overwhelmingly is one of the main reasons a customer chooses to buy a certain product. The same will be true for your kiosk sales location. Avoid simply placing product on tables or in piles and be creative with how your products are presented. Make sure that best selling products are displayed prominently. Always be prepared to clean up and re-arrange your display. You will immediately see what products are selling and what product isn’t. Make sure that your best selling products are displayed in the best way.

  4. Give the best customer service
    Avoid being too aggressive. Always smile. Be friendly. Use your skills to give customers a personal approach. Do not start conversations too quickly. Potential customers do not want to be sold, they want to pick something that works for them or solves a problem. Wait for them to approach you, or for them to touch something. Once one of these things happens, feel free to talk to them and see how you can help them with the products you have.
  5. Build your list
    Attempt to acquire names, addresses, phone numbers, and the types of products people are interested in. This can allow you implement a successful follow-up program through letters, email, phone calls or social media. Most kiosk sales people fail at this proven sales tactic. Simply remember to ask for information and you will find most people are willing to give it to you.
  6. Communication
    If you already have customers, notify them by email, mail, or phone that you are going to have a kiosk location. Give them a promotion for buying from you from that location. Offer up a FREE bar of soap with any $20 purchase, just as an example.

Mall kiosks are a great way to find new customers and generate sales. Continue to nurture the relationships that you make and start to generate long term customers and success.