How to Add Fragrance to Your Shea Butter


5 lbs. White or Yellow Shea Butter

ONE of the following fragrance options:
1.6 oz. Fragrance Oil OR
0.7 oz. Essential Oil

Heat 5 lbs of shea butter in a double boiler until just melted. You don't want to heat the butter
any more than necessary to melt it. If you don't have a double boiler then you can put your
shea butter in a pan and place that pan in another pan that is half full of hot water. Make sure
the hot water doesn't get into the pan containing the shea butter.
Add the fragrance or essential oil and mix it into the shea butter until evenly mixed. After
mixing if the fragrance is not as strong as you would like then you can add up to an additional
1.6 oz. of fragrance oil if using fragrance oils or 0.7 oz. of essential oils if using essential oils.
Keep in mind that higher levels of fragrance might be irritating to some peoples skin. Also
note that the fragrance will be much stronger while the shea butter is warm and will become
less strong as the shea butter cools.
(Batch yield approximately 20 4 oz. containers)


Shea Butter

M-176 25 lb case of white shea butter
M-177 25 lb case of yellow shea butter

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