Melting Shea Butter at Home


Shea Butter

Items needed:

  • A thermometer to read temperatures between 60-170 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A mixing bowl with a cover or a large zip lock bag
  • A hot water bath (a large saucepan can work well for this)
  • One wooden spoon


Step 1:

Fill a large pan with water to create your hot water bath. Heat the bath of water on a stove to between 140-160 Fahrenheit.


Step 2:

Place the mixing bowl (or large zip lock bag) containing shea butter in the hot water bath and cover with a lid. Be careful not to spill water into the butter. You will notice after a few minutes that your butter begins to melt.


Step 3:

Continue to monitor the temperature of the bath water until the shea butter is completely melted.


Step 4:

Once the butter is completely melted, remove the butter from the hot water bath and put it in a cool place. If you wish to add some essential oil or fragrance, this is the stage to do so (be sure not to add to much fragrance. You can always add more oil later). Once the butter begins to solidify, use the wooden spoon to whip the butter. Do a second whipping 15 minutes after the first whipping to your desired smoothness.


Step 5:

Place butter into your desired packaging material and allow to solidify. Your 100% natural shea butter is now ready for use.

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