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    Easy business start up kit

    Work from home

    Make you own hours

    Fast cash

    Low investment

    Free sales tools and support

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    Top 3 Ways the Easy Business Start-Up Kit benefits you.

    Save Money. Earn More.

    Most people that use this succeed. This kit includes all the best selling products we carry. You save money and jump-start to your own African Business.

    You get samples.

    Getting these best sellers, and using them yourself, helps you to talk to customers better. You find out how they feel, why you love them, and you have fun. Your customers get service from you that they won't find anywhere else.

    You will get new customers.

    You get new customers faster. Because these products are so popular, and the price is so low, you make your money back fast. You can give out samples to get new customers, and start building long lasting relationships.

    Here's more details.

    The Easy Business Start-Up Kit is only $49.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING for first time orders.

    • You get the best sellers in the Easy Business Start-Up Kit.
      You will have what customers want most.
    • Start your own African business.
    • You also save money compared to buying everything seperately.
    • International orders will include a discounted shipping cost.

    What you get with Easy Business Start-Up Kit:

    • Top 12 Favorite Soaps.
    • Top 12 Favorite Fragrance Oils.
    • 12 Sample Jars of Raw Unrefined Shea Butter.
    • Sample of Dudu Osum Herbal Shampoo
    • Sample of Liquid Black Soap
    • Sample of Natural Black Soap
    • Sample of Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Sample of Sore Muscle Cream
    • Sample of Jamaican Black Castor Oil
    • Sample of Black Seed Oil
    • Sample of Cocoa Butter
    • Sample of Neem Oil
    • Sample of Shea Nut Oil
    • Sample of Vitamin E Oil
    • RETAIL African Clothing Catalog.
    • RETAIL Personal Care Catalog.
    • Customer Handouts with directions and care instructions.

    *Note: Items in kit may change without notice, based on best selling products

    "I am extremely pleased with my business startup kit. I earned the $49.00 I invested into this kit right back the same day with more products left over to sell. I can't wait to put in my next order because I received new order requests from customers after I sold out of some products the same day."

    - Tami from Addison, IL

    "Everything was better than what I expected; I made two sales the very first day that I received my kit and placed my first order the next day."

    - Walter from Kissimmee, FL

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    Note: Video mentions start-up kit comes with 12 bracelets and business cards. The 12 bracelets and business cards are no longer included in the starter kit.

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