How to use Ambunu for your hair

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The natural ingredients in Ambunu hair products make it both a powerful hair cleanser and strengthener. It also adds slip to hair making detangling much easier and painless, and reduces hair shedding. It leaves hair both softer and stronger. It is fast becoming one of the most popular natural hair care options for African-American hair. Hair which often becomes dry and brittle from chemicals such as relaxers.



What is Ambunu?



The leaves of the Ambunu plant are a natural soap that cleanses hair without any additional harsh chemicals. Ambunu also has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well. As a shampoo, ambunu is known for producing stronger hair, preventing a dry scalp, and having more slip than most other shampoos making Ambunu an ultra-effective detangler as well.

Ambunu leaves are found primarily in Chad in East Africa. The women of Chad have used Ambunu for generations, and are said to have the longest hair in Africa. This is in spite of the fact that hair in northern Africa is usually more dry and brittle than hair from other regions.


How to use Ambunu


In Africa, the hair cleanser is made from a blend of African herbs and plants that are boiled into a syrup. It is traditionally used as hair conditioner to moisturize hair, but can also be used as hair cleanser. The hair strengthening can also be enhanced by adding shea butter to help seal in moisture.

The most popular way to apply Ambunu for most people is shown below.

1 – Mix ¼ cup of Ambunu leaves to one cup of hot water. Stir and let sit for 20 minutes.

2 – Stir the solution again, and remove the leaves: squeezing out any excess juice into your solution. When finished, you will have a solution that feels oily. This makes Ambunu a perfect detangler.

3 – Apply the Ambunu solution to your hair as a detangler or shampoo.

4 – After applying the Ambunu solution, leave in hair for 2-5 minutes, and then rinse out.

For best results, hair should ideally be washed with Ambunu powder at least three times per week. This Ambunu hair cleanser or hair strengthener should not be left in hair for longer than 15 minutes. It can also be used more frequently if needed.

This hair cleanser or hair strengthener is recommended for both men and women who want clean, shiny hair without chemicals. It can be used on all hair types including hair that has been processed with relaxers or hair extensions.

Ambunu is often blended with Chebe powder, Karkar oil, or other natural African hair ingredients to give your hair the full benefits of each together.

Cautions: This product may cause allergic reactions in some individuals, so a small test in hair is recommended.

After applying hair cleanser or hair strengthener to hair, make sure hair does not come in contact with anything until it has been washed and dried thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner as needed.

The Ambunu solution can lightly stain clothing or carpet, so be careful to avoid the solution dripping onto fabrics, or spread plastic before giving your hair the full treatment.

This hair cleanser or hair strengthener should not be used to treat sensitive skin areas unless it is diluted heavily with water.


Ambunu producer Idriss in Chad


Ambunu Leaves


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