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Shea Butter - A Success Story For Your Skin and Business.

04/06/2009 17:13

It's great to know that you have helped someone with the work that you do. We just got an e-mail from Sarah in New York City and she had this to say about shea butter: "I use shea butter every single day, in bath and as a lotion. It works wonders on my skin! One of my customer's girlfriends has rough feet and now at night she has the softest feet. I had 2 younger nieces with dark spots under their eyes and on their skin and now it has lightened up and they feel so good about their faces!" We get emails like this all the time. My daughter went to school for massage therapy and when she was there she gave shea butter to one of her classmates who had discoloration on her face and arms. The lady used shea butter for about one week before her skin improved and the spots were gone completely. Going back to nature can do amazing things for your skin. 100% pure African Shea butter is consistently one of the best selling products that we offer. It heals skin better than anything else on earth. We hear "miracle stories" all the time from people who have used everything else; and who were finally healed with this. One of our wholesale customers gives a small sample of shea butter to each of his customers. The results from the shea butter are so amazing that people normally want to try a lot of his other products too. Having a product like this keeps your customers coming back; and gives them a reason to tell others about you. 

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