How Long Does it Take Moringa to Work?


If you suffer from low energy, low libido, high blood pressure or any one of many other health problems, you can get natural relief by using moringa. Moringa leaves grow on trees in India and are used in many products carried by Africa Imports.

If you want relief from low energy or have trouble sleeping, moringa can help within minutes, as long as you take it on an empty stomach. Allergy relief typically takes about an hour. At the other end, you’ll have to take moringa for 3 months before it starts to lower your cholesterol.

Most other problems will see improvement within a matter of weeks.

For example:

  • 1 week to reduce depression and anxiety
  • 1 week (or less) to improve libido
  • 3 weeks to lower blood pressure
  • 3 weeks to improve arthritis
  • 3 weeks (or less) for weight loss
  • 5 weeks for memory improvement

You can take moringa as a powder, in liquid bitters, or in capsules. You can also drink moringa tea.

Moringa is good for your skin, too. Try moringa soap, moringa scrub, and moringa butter. Then use moringa toothpaste for strong teeth and healthy gums.