How Much Sea Moss Should I Take Every Day?


A small amount of sea moss can make an enormous difference in your health. If you use dried sea moss to make your own sea moss gel, you should begin with one teaspoon and work up to one or two tablespoons a day.

Many people find that their bodies need time to adjust to the rich nutrients in sea moss. Iron can cause digestive problems and even act as a laxative, so it’s best to start slowly.

If you don’t want to make sea moss gel, you can try Sea Moss Living Bitters or Organic Sea Moss Immunity Booster. Both are liquid, so it’s easy to adjust your dose. Start with a half-teaspoon and work your way up to the maximum dose listed on the bottle.

Once you’re comfortable with a full dose of your sea moss preparation, you can try convenient Sea Moss Super Cell Food Capsules.